How to Wear a Denim Overall

The monkey jeans, also known as gardener, is a piece that has been doing a lot of success among women, especially those who enjoy a more stripped-down look, young and fun. This type of play is great for leisure occasions well relaxed and informal. The monkey can be used in various ways, so here are some tips to hit the production:

Monkey – materials and colors
As has been said, the monkey is a type of play more casual and cool, it combines with other pieces that follow this same style. Starting with the material that the play is made we can say how much she is practical, because there is nothing more basic than a good jeans. But the gardener doesn’t have to be just traditional jeans, it can also be made in Twill, whether it be white, black or of different colors, like yellow, pink, blue, among others.
Basic combination with race or t-shirt
A simple way to use the monkey jeans is combining it with a blouse adjusted to the body, and may be even a cropped top, that blouse that leaves a piece of belly out. But, if you prefer something more comfortable than a fair, take the t-shirt, too. To complement the look, bet on shoes like flats, canvas shoes, sneakers, but also look great with heels.
Monkey with shirt waist and short-barreled boots
Following this same style stripped, you can use the monkey jeans combined with these basic tops that we talked about, but to give a special touch, worth tie at the waist a Plaid Shirt or even jeans in different tonality. That leaves look very informal and young, with a footprint more fashion and super modern. To make this even more stylish, how about investing in short barrel leather booties with cutouts? Comfort and style guaranteed.
Feminine look with heels and shirt
If you want to use the monkey jeans, but your style is more tidy, how about betting on the combination of this piece with a thinner fabric shirt and a high-heeled sandal with only on the toes and ankle bracelet? Looks great, modern and well-produced for more informal occasions, such as a reception for friends at home, among other events of type.
You can change this more sophisticated mounted with shirt, exchanging the piece by a simple blouse and investing in accessories such as belts or maxi necklaces.