How to Wear a Hat

First of all many thanks for answering my last question, it helped me a lot and I have begun to pay more attention to my attitude. Now I have another: Recently I have my first hat buy, after much back and forth. Nowadays hardly anyone wears yes hat what the biggest hurdle will probably be for me to actually wear it. I did it myself but firmly made, hence my question: How does Mrs. Hut? What hairstyles are huttauglich? Unfortunately I am not the biggest hairstyle artist… Furthermore: What should I do if I wear hat, for example, in a coffee shop? I am looking forward to your answer!

Regards Wiebke

How beautiful that has helped you my answer. A hat is simply a super Accessory! Elegant, warm, classic and certainly not commonplace. Compares the Hutknigge is with the glove. Those headgear or gloves not to a uniform, so the Lord draws from them as soon as he enters an enclosed space or greeted someone. Unlike the Lord there depose her hat for the lady no compulsion. The hat is part of the hair and thus may even remain in the church on the head.However, it is quite a difference whether it is warm winter clothes or a pure accessory. Ballhandschuhe belong to the ballroom, lined leather gloves in the dressing room and as it is also with hats: Your model suits in autumnal park on snowy dirt roads and winter stroll. In the cafe you should take your hat and hang on the coat rack or place next to you on bench or chair.

If I wear something on her head, my hair is either open or like plaited a Seitenzopf, the hairstyle fits under the headgear and one sees behind not look like a plucked chicken. Look at times but the this and this outfit post of Dani. With hats hairstyle diversity is greater than in caps. A hat should not too tight and thus the hair is not too much crushed eventually. Pretty it is always when some highlights hervorblitzen forward under the hat. In the summer I like to wear very well Kappis plus my hair in a high ponytail smooth. I wish you doing a lot of joy to carry your really nice piece!

Alles Liebe
Constanze, which unfortunately also physically has a stubborn and hard to come by matching hats