How To Wear A Leather Jacket

The leather jackets or leather jacketas they are popularly known are those items which are always an excellent investment.

It is better to buy good quality, since if we buy very cheap jackets or leather jackets can begin to tear in a short time. Instead, a quality jacket will last us years and will always remain as new. Even better than new, because with time and use leather is acquiring a very tempting softness.

In any case, if you do not want to spend a large sum of money, you can also choose jackets synthetic leather or  synthetic leather, which are a cheaper option of imitation leather inside which we can find quality jackets. Skin or synthetic leather (also called leatherette or ecocuero) also has the advantage that suit the personal tastes of those who by their personal beliefs do not agree to wear the skin of an animal, so opt for this type Of alternatives. The difference is hardly noticeable and the simile of the leather is usually of very good quality. You can also opt for second hand stores and online fashion stores. In season of rebates you can find quality suckers with better prices, both synthetic and real leather.

But how much does a real leather jacket cost? The price will vary, ranging from 100 USD the most basic models up to 800 USD, according to thedresswizard. It will depend on the type of leather, the brand and ultimately the quality of the jacket as this last details is what is most valuable when buying it.

Types Of Leather Jackets

There are several types of leather jackets  or jackets to wear with different attire:

The most versatile and current is the classic, simple lines, short (not beyond the hips) and neckless or black leather jackets that bring elegance.

Then there are the classic jackets moated with stitched rhombuses or studs that are ideal for a casual look,  a classic for a soul rocker, bikerjackets or chumpas that accompany from an elegant to the most casual.

Neither can we forget the classic Saharan with pockets, the perfect option to go to work or for events that are not formal but which we like to go with a contribution of style.

In addition to jackets we can also find fringed leather or fur  waistcoats,long coats, winter coats or jackets, the typical leather jacket back with a collar of lamb, a classic that never goes out of style and pinches.

Although leather jackets for men have been in the beginning the most used, today it is a garment so used by women as for men. The black or very dark brown leather jackets are very versatile and favor any girl style, but there are also other classic colors like beige, light brown or camel, chocolate brown and red tones like maroon or burgundy, Which can be seen very interesting.

The important thing about the leather jacket is that it is not only a great way to shelter yourself in the cold months, but it can also complement any style. It will look great if your wave is classic, bohemian, hippie, etc. On the internet you will find numerous photos and images that will inspire you to create a perfect look.

Leather Jacket With Trousers

It is the usual choice, but it does not necessarily have to be a boring possibility. Of course, black or brown leather jackets look great with jeans. You can wear it with a shirt with prints that grace the set and high heels.

With  boyfriend jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, a large collar to decorate andpumps in a very contrasting color, your jacket will look great. Try on a pair of black pants, a white shirt and a green or blue leather jacket to match your shoes. Sensational.

Another option to use your leather jacket, especially if it is black, is to wear it with  strong colored pants: red or yellow. In this case, you can choose the color block or a simple white shirt.

If you have to wear very conservative clothes in the office, such as  trousers and sweaters, the option of wearing a classic American-style leather jacket or blazer to go to work is perfect, as it will brighten the whole, without losing its seriousness. The suits leather whole are another most original to create a flattering outfit that will make you look very feminine option.

Leather Jackets With Dresses

With  long flowing dresses, the leather jacket looks fantastic. Whether it’s a long dress to go to for a wedding on the beach or a striped one. In both cases,  the summer dress becomes suitable for fall only with the use of the black jacket. Do not forget to wear heels.

With a cocktail dress, whether the typical black, gray or other colors, the leather jacket rejuvenates completely. The combination of dress classic to theknee, high-heeled pumps and leather jacket is great.

With a  minidress, leather jackets look very stylish. You can wear high shoes, ankle booties, dancers and even slippers. The leather jacket makes everything more elegant and if it is to party or for a meeting of friends, do not hesitate to decantarte for more flashy colors. A yellow dress with a purple jacket, or perhaps an orange dress with a green jacket. Play with colors to create fun, cool and stylish looks.

With short dresses up to just before the knee, in dark tones and a leather jacket you can change a too feminine outfit into something with more entity. The same thing happens if the dress has a floral print, the leather jacket feels great. Decántate by white or light-colored jackets if you prefer to make your dress stand out and you will become a very cool lady since the contrast between light colors like white and soft prints is always a hit.

Leather Jackets With Skirts

The leather jackets can be used with long, medium or short skirts . With a  long ankle-length skirt, low-cut top, high-heeled shoes and leather jacket, you’ll look great.

With a  black tube skirt,  and high heels with black heels you can look very elegant. If you combine it with a cream or beige blouse and use a bag in a contrasting color such as a brown color for more effect you will create an ideal outfit for a meeting or dinner.

If on the other hand you are going to wear a  miniskirt you will look great with the leather jacket. With this look you can wear high-heeled shoes or ankle boots as well as dancers. In any case, you can wear opaque or transparent stockings.

Another option is miniskirt of sequins or tacks,  black top, black leather jacket and pumps. If you choose the style of classic rock jackets the effect will be unsurpassed.

Leather Jackets With Blouses

The blouses always look good with a leather jacket, since even the simplest ones look elegant. You can wear  silk, cotton or polyester blouses as they will always look good. If you want to combine it at night combines a white sleevelessblouse with a pink stick jacket.

Another option that allows you to combine a blouse with a leather jacket is to fold the sleeve of the blouse over the jacket, so that it does not reach the wrist and you see a touch of color on the leather.

They also look great with  jean shirts and black pants for looks of morning or afternoon. Combining a leather jacket with a plaid blouse or polka dots is aperfect outfit that will make you look great, and also given the amount of prints that blouses allow, you will always go to the latest fashion.