How to Wear a Summer Straw Hat

Straw hats are hats with flat bottom and a touch hard and inelastic. The material from which these are made ​​caps is prepared from dried plant fibers. These hats are not unique to a nation, if you look you will see that in many countries wear them. Mainly in vogue in those areas where the mercury thermometer is too high. These are not those straw hats, which are used to seeing the head of most women in recent years, these straw hats worn by men, and can be very elegant even with such a hat, depending on what you wear. What are the types of straw hats and how can you get one? In general, each store accessories you can buy such a hat. Now there are online stores from which you can also purchase such a cap, but only if you know how you stand, because although caps themselves are relatively inexpensive, no one wants to throw money down the drain. You can find them in a variety of colors, shades and lines. The great advantage of these hats on hot summer days is that because of the material they are made, head breathes much better than if you buy a similar model, but rayon or nylon, or even cotton. Between plant and dried fibers constituting the cap remained small windows free space in which you can safely enter air circulating so your head stays dry and at the same time do not appear unpleasant and annoying factors such as sweating, dandruff and the like.

One of the most popular types of straw hats are called. hat safari hats baked gamblers, bamboo hats, Raffia, helmets and more.Hats have thin straps to hold the hat to the head and in most cases are elastic.
The materials that are used to make them, as we said dried fiber. Their origin is different – from Madagascar, Italy, Ecuador and China. Vegetable fibers are different types: koberg, raffia, vegetable fibers remaining after harvest, shantung, twisted grass and others.
Each hat is constructed to provide maximum ventilation to head. Both hats – ordinary and branding can be found in any pro shop or even on the Internet. What you choose for yourself depends entirely on you, your pocket, whether you tend to spend a greater amount hat and of course your taste, which is very critical, but no less decisive is what suits you in fact if you meet what you liked. Therefore, we must necessarily listen, or rather look at this fact in the mirror.
According to agooddir, usually the periphery of these hats is wide enough to cover your entire head and face, saving you from the scorching sun. Inside the hat is lined with bands mainly made ​​of polyester and protect from moisture and condensation, which in turn can lead to unpleasant sweating so we talked about. However, in such a hot day you will hardly want to swim in sweat, given that it is expected to have to defend themselves.
Typically, these caps are known for their uniqueness because they were knitted by hand, and that besides that little raises their price makes them resistant and decomposition and unraveling, something a little machine knitted hats of artificial materials can boast.