How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

Anklets enhance an outfit, while allowing you to show your fashion sense. Put jewelry on the ankle can emphasize your femininity and your attention to detail. Pair this jewelry with clothing and selected accessories to raise your star status to ankles.


  1. Wearing an anklet on one leg is acceptable.Avoid falling into the rules of the obsolete method which attach social status or the status of the relationship to the leg that wore the bracelet.
  2. Prepare your legs and ankles.Make sure that your lower body is ready for the attention that wearing an ankle bracelet is sure to attract. massage lotion into your skin before fixing on an ankle bracelet. Keep handy throughout the lotion your output can ensure that your ankles do not seem dry.
  3. Show your anklet.Avoid leaving your ankle bracelet lost in bulky clothing. Match your jewelry with shorts such as Capri pants, or with summer dresses and skirts. Refrain from eclipsing the bracelet with motifs of outerwear bright.
  4. Choose shoes according to the characteristics of the bracelet.For example, correspond thick bracelets with chunky heels shoes while matching bracelets with thin stilettos. Wear shoes in either coordinating or contrasting colors.
  5. Delve beyond simple metal strands.Choose anklets in a variety of colors and styles, including beads or woven.Personalize anklets with your initials or by adding charms and acorns.