How to Wear Cap for Girl

Trendy winter hat for adolescent girls must meet several requirements: be comfortable, lightweight, warm and of course, beautiful.

Knitted Hats

Without a doubt, the most popular style caps for teens – hats knitted socks with a long top. And this part can be very long, buying look funny cap. Such caps are convenient in that they can be easily transformed. Pidvernuvshy hats, we get a short style, putting the country – a beret and left free to wander back – youthful appearance. These caps richly decorated with rhinestones, sequins or embroidery. Especially for teens cool cap with interesting pictures in the form of skulls, stars and inscriptions.

Interestingly hat in the form of bulk are also popular among teenage girls. These hats look modern and youth, as well as its warm hostess. They are often decorated with pieces of skin or different applications. Speaking of colors, popular knitted hat bright, even ugly colors, shades electrician. Especially teenagers love using caps in small and large horizontal stripes. Also popular hats classic colors: black and white.

Hats Fur

Among adolescents also popular funny hats made of leather and artificial leather. Especially girls like hats with earflaps that are not only good warm head, but cover your ears, cheeks and forehead from the piercing cold wind. Indeed, students often have to walk, for example, school or lessons. Most like many young women of fashion, called volkoshapky – cap with leather ears that resemble ears of the wolf over. This fun model each year is gaining popularity and is available in different colors.