How to Wear Fishnet Hose

Fishnet stockings are one of the pieces in the women’s closet. They are constantly connected with fantasy or sensual visual, but that is not always their main use. The carnival is quite common to use the piece around in costumes like pirate and Colombina, but you can have but one in the closet and use day to day without any problem. Just know, like everything in fashion, how to combine. Just make a good use of it.

Any body type can use? Yes! It is not a half stuck, just, and even gives more than the others, so the basic look is much easier to assemble. There are several colors of this article, the most common is black. But nothing prevents you from getting different colors to diversify the look as red, white or blue and red, are also easy to find. The best time to buy would be close to carnival and Halloween, when the play becomes a sales fever. But throughout the year you buy in cities smoothly, even in Lojas Americanas and supermarket retailers with diverficiação items.


You know who loves the article to use gravel pit fishing techniques? Gothic fashion. Half black fishnet is very basic punk and gothic visual, a differential to use with your denim skirt, shorts or basic parts. When you find that only black boots and short jeans are bland, combine with fishnet pantyhose and their screen designs value the legs and give a touch. Even though it is leaked, does not accentuate the curves and still covers cellulites and other exaggerated extra measures.

A basic rock style look can be fishnets, black mini skirt or cotton jeans and t-shirt with the picture of your favorite band. One suggestion is to match the cool and ever – present tennis All Star, but also looks good with knee high and mid – cut boots. The plasticized synthetic leather boot models are a bit exaggerated, you can not go down well depending on the length of the skirt or shorts. It is a bit ordinary.

There is no problem in using the product with social clothes. A sensual combination fishnet dress with black cocktail dress and female high heels are considered. No details models are best suited with this pantyhose model. It already has details, then abusing some of the print can leave the look heavy too. To post a surprise encounter combine it with a corset or bra in the same color and panties with lace and will raze.

Colorful fishnets models look great with neutral clothing as black skirt and blouse with only a picture. To match best, use a t-shirt with the same color of your socks and will stay away from the error. It is a basic look for the day or night and it’s not weird, it’s just lack of practice.

Prices and where to buy fishnets

If you have no idea where to start looking for item, get in legal and creative costumes stores. Almost all carnival costumes and Halloween can be complemented with fishnets and are legal. Clothing stores also sell the item. There are still sexy shops that sell sexy clothes. This is one of the most used pieces to complement the night. The value ranges from R $ 8 to R $ 20 in a simple model, not achieved more than it costs.

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