How with the Right Lipstick Your Outfit to Upgrade

A principle: Lipstick is important. As lipstick is not a question of age, but of personal style.

Often it is vital to give the right kick to an outfit. No matter whether you use natural or bright red lipstick, the color of the lips is equally crucial to your appearance for several reasons.

1. a lipstick impression always a well-kept.

A little apricot – or rosé lipstick makes you appear immediately well-kept. Try it, if you are otherwise completely unadorned. A lipstick that just one of your natural lip red touch gives more color and contour, acts like a fresh treatment. And it is striking particularly anyone, if you are otherwise not yet styled…

2. a lipstick works as a kick for your outfit.

Use your lip color as color accent or color clip.
If you select a matching lipstick color for your look, I recommend you to consider one of the following two criteria:

You can use the lip color highlight your outfit. Place a color accent in the look that makes it even more interesting may be the decisive kick with prominent lips. For example, consider an outfit in the colour grey-white look: This includes a bright red lipstick and you need to make whether your outfit could be boring more worry. Then, her lips resemble a feisty accessories.

The same applies to black and white outfits or outfits in neutral colors gray and dark blue. Just a squirt of elevates the look in the style sky red.

Alternatively you can use the lip color access up again a color of the outfit. For example, you connect the vertical of your body with bright red lips to bright red pumps. Thus, placing a so-called color bracket, which optically connects the whole thing and so the look is complete up and down.

Also a lipstick in Rosé can harmonise wonderfully with a handbag in shades of rose. The same also works with purple stitch-shades such as BlackBerry or Claret.

If you wear patterned garments such as for example a floral skirt in pink tones fits a lipstick to that again takes up the same color of the flowers. In this way you harmonise your outfit.

3. lipstick may make you more contrasts in the face.

One of my style rules is:carry contrasts as no more or less in your outfit than there are in your natural pigmentation. This means that rather lighter lipstick colors are available as light type with bright eyes, eyelashes, and hair. With such more discreet shades you act harmoniously.

If you but colour restraint want to loosen up your by the nature, a red lipstick helps you. A bold lip color then that leader works with you and you can deliberately use this contrast level immediately higher to slip.

Combine a strong lip color and heavily washed lashes (and may in addition have slightly darker tinted eyebrows), then have equal to much more contrast in the face.

This is true even for women who already grey: strong lipstick can compensate for the lost contrast between hair and skin color to the part again. For more mature women, red lipstick can even become the right great catcher!

For darker women with strong colour contrasts between hair color, eye color, eyebrows and lips is: you can combine also contrast fuller lipstick colors. If you like to wear outfits with high contrasts, such as dark blue and cream, a bold lipstick color can appear much more harmonious.

4. a lipstick is a style signal.

I’m often asked about my colored lipstick colors and I also deliberately employ them as style signal. Ofcourse if the outfit and the occasion fit, keep things raspberry and Apricottöne in the drawer and I take signal lipstick. Then I leave but when applying special care. Than ever knalliger the color, the more important it is that the lipstick sits exactly where it belongs – and there remains. And of course I must tighten it five times a day.

5. the right lipstick find

Note that when selecting the right lipstick color:

  • Never choose your lipstick in artificial light! Get a hand mirror and go outside to see the color in natural light.
  • The lip color itself also affects the color effect of lipstick.
  • Some women have naturally very pale lips, others have a strong lip tone. Therefore, it may be that the lipstick of your best friend with the same type of skin or the don’t fit your mother when you. That’s why you should never make a color test on the back of the hand or wrist, because that doesn’t work.
  • Warm color types need warm shades of red as tomato red or rust.
  • Appropriately cool reds such as raspberry or cherry, cool color types are better. The yellow or blue component of the shades is crucial. Really to assess whether skin tone and lipstick color to each other fit, wear no makeup. Because the right lipstick color for you can radiate your complexion even without makeup – and your teeth also.

The right color on your lips can support your style message or even characterize it. You can see that the four pictures that I took of me. Which do you like best?