Importance of Sports Bra

Today, I’ll talk to your chest… and a little too hihi. More seriously, although I already approached him a little here and there, I want to come back on an another very important aspect of your gym clothes: underwear, and more specifically the bras and the BRA.

Because it is essential to have a good running sneakers, he is also extremely important to protect his chest during a sporting activity. A sport involves more or less major constraints to the chest. During a running example output, the chest moves with each stride 9 cm on average. Thus, for a race of 1 km, it solicits and move your chest up and down more than 84 meters.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to run with no bra… but it’s very painful at first stride. Now imagine the consequences with a bra that is ill-suited for several kilometers. The rebound of the sensitive breast tissue is mitigated by more than 74% with a sports bra. A normal BRA only keeps him 38%, which is very insufficient.

So, now that you’ve taken the good habit to have goodsneakers, why not think also your support sport throat? Anti-sexy as it may appear, I recognize; p!

First of all, please distinguish the BRA that provides only a light support of the sports bra, offering them a real superior maintenance of your chest. Thus, depending on the sport you are going to practice, you need well choose between bra and BRA.

It is true, I admit, that the bra is often more tempting because its design, its form and its grounds are prettier, but, often, the sports bra is one that will be more suitable, even if choose. The BRA, she’s nice, she slips on easily but will never keep as much as a bra. Therefore, I reserve activities with little impact (little jumps, violent movements, travel): yoga, strengthening.

I have a nice collection, I admit it. Me too I yield in the face of the reasons be it at H & M, Forever21, or Nike. However, I always keep in mind that they are not going to agree whenever I go to the gym a little more violent. And it’s a logic to keep you have a small chest that a larger (especially in fact).

I find that the Nike Bras are those that offer the best support and they come to me to wear them sometimes at short outings running. But soon, I run over 8km, I pass on a sports bra. That being said, for activities with very limited impact such as Yoga, H & M, Oysho, Forever21Bras, pass carefree, more so if you take a size below or a size that is perfectly adjusted.

The size that you will take is very important. I tend to take a size below than I usually do. I take s usually, I prefer the XS to prevent the brassiere that widens with the washes but also to have a great support. But the choice of the size should not be uncomfortable.

When I try, I hop with, and if it moves: I do not

The peculiarity of the BRA, which is that I do the book to ‘light’ sports is that it maintains that by the compression and the strength of an elastic band under the bust. Your chest is not completely protected if I may say so. Therefore, I make the difference with the sports bra which has more in common with our good old bras.

Basically, the sports bra is more expensive (and ugly lol?) than the BRA but it is much better suited in sports who manhandle the chest: body combat, dancing, riding, racing…

A sports bra is adjustable in the back and at the level of the shoulders, similarly your chest is completely protected by the design which allows to individually support your breasts. You can see on my pictures above; p

I have two brands I like: Zsport (of which I have already mentioned here) and Anita Active, which I discovered quite recently. Small crush on Anita Active, not because it’s an Alsatian brand (ok a bit so) but because their products are very successful, the straps don’t me burn not after 15 km, which sometimes happen with others, and they sell panties matched with the BRA. For that matter

So yes, the sports bra are not given. It takes between 40 and 60 euros at Anita Active example is at 57 euros, Nike (here or there) between 40 and 55 euros. But after several washes, it is still like new, what my H & M and Forever21 midriffs cannot say the same. I think that having some bras is nice, but starting in his equipment at least a sports bra, it’s not bad either.

Be aware that Kalenji offers also for a smaller budget. But in general, it will put the price for a product that lasts, because the one I bought last year has not very well aged I find.

In sum, I wear my pretty Bras when I do the training / muscle strengthening / yoga, activities with little impact. As soon as I do workouts that move more like Zumba and running, I turn on sports bra that really support.

So, while I have a small chest, but is not in an excuse for not wearing a sports bra. On the contrary, small, medium, large chest, we’re all concerned. So think about it to preserve your chest It’s a small detail that changes everything. It would be a shame to have a well toned body but a chest that pulls the face because the damage is irreparable in a suite.