Innovative LED Emergency Lights

Emergency and safety

Have you ever had to remain in the dark at home for an electric black out?

It certainly doesn’t feel good, especially for the little ones!

For this inconvenience you can avoid providing your home emergency lamps that provide light in case of lack: it is due to a fault in the line or to a detachment of the circuit breakers, the absence of artificial light, especially in the dark hours, will not represent a problem for our safety.

The main features of a emergency lamp are essentially two: autonomy and the luminous flux.

In the first case it is the power of the same duration, during which you can take advantage of the light generated by the inclusion of an internal battery. Basically, due to the absence of current, the lamp will light up, remaining active for a certain periodafter which, exhausted the battery, goes out.

The luminous flux in lumens, indicates the power emitted by the appliance: the greater the flow, the greater the amount of light perceived; the environment will be, so the more enlightened and more diffused light.

Another great feature that distinguishes a traditional lamp from an innovative, is the adaptation: suppose to having to install in our House a emergency lamp without having to worry about work or demolition, but using existing electrical boxes and given a choice, as a finish, a perfectly equal to those already present on the switches.

This is the case of all demands lamps AVE based on ledlightsclassified.

Emergency lamps to choose from

As described above, the choice of a emergency lamp should be dictated by autonomy and luminous flux but, another important aspect to consider is the appearance: mainly in the civil sector, the lamp should have little impact in the environment where it is installed or otherwise in line with the design of the plates and switches present.

The first safety lamps produced do not meet fully the needs of taste, quite the contrary, they were pretty invasive and non-standardised, very nice to look at.

The company AVE, on the other hand, has been able to make a perfect synthesis oftechnology and appearance. In this regard, it proposes a lamp with innovative aspects in several respects: it is a unit of luminous flux 90 lumen led multi-compatible.

The new led emergency lamp (cod. 442089) rear frame with a fungus that it can be installed both in standard wall boxes 6/7 modules, in both boxes to 4 modules. In fact, it is sufficient to insert the screws in the slots predisposed to mount the lamp on the box; the advantage is, of course, the quick and easy installation, with no adjustments and demolitions.

Always attentive to the design, AVE has developed a versatile and multi-compatibleaesthetic point of view: to satisfy all needs in terms of plant and equipment, the new device is supplemented with standard plates in 7 modules of the system 44 Ave, or with similar existing plates from other manufacturers, so as to better integrate the device into the environment even for major renovations.

Apart from this point, the device is functionally innovative: in the box you can installa lamp with white LEDs, can ensure a 90 lumen luminous flux, such as to make it themost powerful device in this category.

In case of power failure or interruption of light of various kinds, the user will have access to a large beam of light that will allow him to move easily and safely for two hours.

This autonomy is guaranteed by a high-efficiency battery that ensures very low charging time and costs; in case of failure, the battery is replaceable, so as to make it valid and working long-term, with substantial economic benefits resulting from replacing the battery alone and not the entire device.

In the event of a fault, diagnostic feature permanent, the lamp signals the failure to the user via an led.

The product, to all the characteristics described above, manifests itself as a practical, extremely flexible, comfortable and sound in your application.

In testimony to the performance characteristics of the lamps, Ave provides users with a video in which you can find information and a brief demonstration of use and installation, even in DIY, emergency lamp.

Emergency lighting: where to turn?

AVE S.P.A. is an Italian company leader in the international market of producers of electrical and electronic equipment of quality.

Founded in 1904, the company has always been at the forefront in adopting innovative solutions in line with market requirements, thanks to continuous improvement in design and production phase.

Up to the stages of Assembly and sale, AVE is available to installers, designers and customers by offering rational responses and adapted to the changing needs for civil and industrial plant.

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