Inspire Yourself in 4 Wedding Decorations for Your Party

For many people, getting married is turning a dream into a reality. Much of this process takes place through the details that create the atmosphere of the party.

Inspire Yourself in 4 Wedding Decorations for Your Party

According to decorator Bruno Macedo, to get right in the wedding decoration necessary to consider several items and ensure that everything is harmonious.

“The event can be classic, rustic, vintage, modern, sober, clean or romantic. The important thing is to know how to combine the furniture with the arrangements and colors with the objects chosen, to customize the event. You have to understand the style of the bride and groom and make their wish come true, “says the expert.

Wedding Decorations: See Options

According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), more than one million weddings per year are held in Brazil. With so many ceremonies taking place, it is natural that the segment of living decorations in constant renewal.

The problem is the doubt when choosing. To get inspired, check out four wedding decorations via


Ideal for ceremonies in the countryside, the rustic decor has a special charm.Simple but without losing elegance. Wooden boards, flowers, chests, picture frames, mosquito nets, candles and candlesticks can help to compose the environment. The predominant tones are the terracotta, which create a more country atmosphere.


The modern wedding style is perfect for funky and trendsetted bride and groom. Colors such as gold, extravagant themes with strong tones and floral prints and chess are alternatives to give this updated touch to the wedding. The important thing is to dare and always keep an eye on the possibilities.


The romantic wedding translates the dream of the delicate bride, who always wanted a ceremony worthy of princess. This sentimental tone can appear in a more discreet or striking way in the decorative elements, depending on the will of the couple. Hearts, candles, roses and field flowers need to appear. White creates an interesting contrast.


Perfect for more conservative couples, the classic decorated wedding is elegant,sober and polished, as the traditional event asks. The base is white, which receives details through soft colors such as beige or salmon.

To decorate the tables, the glitter of crystal and porcelain comes with discreet arrangements that leave the ambiance very chic. Candles and roses have guaranteed space.

Care Of The Decoration

To create the perfect atmosphere in marriage, according to Macedo, it is necessary to have good taste and creativity. “These are the key to success,” he says. That is, you have to be wary of exaggerations and maintain common sense so that the extravagances do not bring the decor to a tacky status.

Another good alternative is to choose an unusual venue for the ceremony. “By bringing the marriage out of traditional spaces, the couple get full autonomyfrom other decisions. These environments are much more flexible, which allows them to put their dreams into practice, “says Larissa Coelho, event manager.

Opting for a distinctive environment can also make the event more intimate and personalized. It is ideal, therefore, for the newlyweds who want to change the institutional tone of marriage and make that day something that represents thetastes and personalities of each one.

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