International Men’s Day: the Winners Outfits

In October, we have called on fashion+more fashion bloggers to create a favorite look for the man of their choice.

With the action, we wanted to draw attention to today’s international men’s day and at the same time to collect cool styling tips. We were thrilled how the theme was adopted and implemented! The contributions are not only fashionable, but also personal. We found the posts very different to the most diverse types of men. Our three winners today celebrate their friend, father and grandpa:

Nathalie von dayswithnathalie did not know the international men’s day, but a man who must be celebrated, she knew: your friend. This supports them in everything they do and has earned a big thank you for it. The outfit of Nathalie is, as she says, her “style in male clothes”.

Cruz blogs on bucovinaa mainly about fashion. But she does not have much to do with a man’s fashion. Still, she convinces our action and she put together an outfit for her father. “Because he is always there for us and allows us everything.” And since her dad has a modern style, she has chosen a cool look.

Maria’s contribution to redwinecolouredlips carries the appropriate title: “My grandpa is the coolest.” Quite exhausted, with lots of laughter and emotion, we have read their mail. This is truly a preface to grandfather! So much heart and generosity must be rewarded. And even if the grandpa thinks the shoes maybe “kicki”, we like the sporty combination of checkered shirt, beige pants and cardigan. Here at musthavesweater you can get more different models of the fashion clothing.

Of course, we have reached many more great outfit collages,
which we would not want to deprive you at this point:

We thank you again for the many nice contributions and wish
you – and of course all men-a lot of fun!

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