Internet Everywhere of Orange to from Now on with Twice The Data for The Same Price

After tweak and update both the voice rates for individuals as a self-employed or companies, the shift is now for rates Internet Everywhere of Orange to navigate from the tablet and computer that duplicate data traffic free forever for new hires as a particular contract customer.

The new rates include 2 for 19 euros and 10 GB for 39 euros and in addition they will no longer have compulsory permanence in the case of single SIM while the commitment with MiFi or USB modem is reduced to 12 months and if it subsidizes tablets permanence amounts up to 24 months.

The downside of the new rates for special is that they cease to be compatible with the discount of 5 euros per month of service combines and saves that applies to users who have contracted any voice line though if you already enjoyed it with the old rates with half of traffic, you can hold it while you request does not change to the new modalities.

The rates for mobile Internet from Orange to Browse tablets and computer they are in the following way:

If you have any problems viewing the rates, also can refer to them from here.