Jacket Gamiss

On occasion I have shown some of my acquisitions at Gamiss, as it was this bomber, that I told you that it was the first acquisition and was a success fully, I asked him a little suspicious because my experience in these stores is not entirely satisfactory, I also asked a dress and both the dress and the bomber was a complete success I loved.

On this occasion what I asked was a coat, a grey jacket with hair that seemed ideal for this time, I really liked.

I have to tell you that the result this time was not expected, not be if I was which was at fault or that has passed.

The first thing is that it takes me to get much time, too much I would say, not step thing above. Then the quality is not for nothing that I expected, in the photo to my I loved it, but in person he is rough and stiff, except the neck which is softer.
Then another problem is size. On the web makes that it is one-size-fits-all and that chest up to 94 cm, then sorry to tell you that it is not true, the measures do not correspond, but also my personally do not enter me arms into sleeves even without clothes, I tried to wear it so you see how it looks, but it is literally impossible,
You can think of that I have fat arms, which can be, but never had passed me this previously.

I told my son that he put it. He is super thin, has a size 14 child and still everything you this wide, their arms are very thin and it failed to get the jacket nor.

As we couldn’t do us photos with it no implementation, since no one in the family could not get arms… I made pictures in the dummy so you can see it.

Sincerely in the pictures it looks cute, but taking into account that the manikin has a tiny size and your waist measures 60 and 85 chest, 10 cm less than that is supposed that it was the jacket and I saw black to be put and adjust so that you see it… well that the size is a little strange. Also clear, the dummy does not have arms that is the biggest problem, that not to mention you get it with a sweater that is just at that time, if my son arm is you 22 cm at the top with nothing and nor thus enters him, as to wear with a sweater.

I forgot tell you that cuts are also frankly bad, it seems that they cut it to bite based on Recipesinthebox.

I have to tell you that my experience with Gamiss sometimes has been fabulous, great, but as this is a bit disappointing.