Jansport Backpacks 2017

When we think of a backpack which is synonymous with comfort and durability, the brand that comes to mind is Jansport! The company offers multiple utilities bags and who have style.

During all my college and university studies, I used two Jansport bags and let me tell you that they have lived in about 12 years things! However, I rarely had as solid, comfortable bags… and virtually indestructible!

Backpack for laptop 15 Hatchet Special Edition of JanSport – black-white

With this Jansport laptop backpack, I would not fear damage to the new laptop that I have just to get me. I really like her look modern and
design! In addition, it has many pockets and compartments really practical for all bring with itself. No need for lugging several bags at a time!

And, good news, there’s even a padded cover that protects the laptop perfectly! This is a very interesting advantage for such a type of bag!

Backpack of 18 in. Right Expressions of JanSport Pack for mobile – cherry in multicolor flowers

The spring look of this bag for laptop model is simply cute! And its aesthetic aspect does not diminish its qualities and durability! It has several handy pockets as well as a cover to store a computer.

In addition, its padded straps provide comfort. It is therefore not unpleasant to walk around all day with this bag, even on a trip. And having already traveled a few months with a Jansport backpack, I confirm that he travels well and padded straps are a major asset.

Super FX of JanSport – gold 3D star backpack

To perfect the look of star or the follower of bling bling, aGolden backpack is perfect! Lightweight design leatherette shining brightly and does not go unnoticed! A backpack doesn’t have to be dull and boring. On the contrary, it may even become a fashion accessory that will highlight any dress!

Despite his style art, this bag remains hyper functional with its main compartment which can carry a host of things and its very roomy pouch at the front.

Backpack of 16.7 in. SuperBreak of JanSport – Aqua collection

This lightweight backpack, comfortable and trend is perfect for students! And its price really reasonable won’t make a hole in the budget allocated for the semester.

Roomy and comfortable, it is also ideal to go shopping. It has padded shoulder straps and a padded back rear panel. Finished the back pain in borrowing a bunch of books from the library or even in relating several grocery stores!

One thing is certain, if you need a backpack to a laptop, to your textbooks, or even to transport your belongings, you will find your account with the Jansport bags.

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