Jays, The Small Swedish Brand That Goes Up Which Goes Up

The Jays a-Jays Three is proposed in a very complete package, with 5 sizes of silicone eartips, a rigid and compact case, an extension cable, an adapter for aircraft and a dedoubleur of mini-jack, hard to beat in this price range.

In contrast to other Jays headphones, this model sports a flat cable, more solid so but also more rigid and so sometimes a little embarrassing. The finish is good, even if headphones, share their design, are little Nice in my ear at first, but eventually you get used to.

Listening, divine surprise, we find a sound quality worthy of a more expensive model, with in particular a real, a beautiful medium, fine and subtle, a treat on the jazz, among others. The high frequencies are in comparison a bit less well made, the Jays don’t go very high in the spectrum, and the grave is not monstrous, but what it does, it does well, and rather very well considering its price.

Even with a good MP3 player, a Cowon for example, we can play on the legalization without losing the advantages of these headphones very endearing. As well, on lelectronic music on acoustic, rendering is very enjoyable, even if not of course achieved the naturalness and the width of bandwidth of the top models at Jays. Feel free to test the provided tips, the sound varies from one to the other, just like the feeling of comfort also. Insulation, however, without being bad, is not the strong point of the a-Jays Three Jays.

In conclusion, here’s a -ear model that will replace advantageously the mediocre headphones provided original with your Walkman, and for a small fee. If you are looking for a headset light, well finished, good quality audio, and affordable, look no further, the a-Jays Three Jays is for you. Note that there is a version with remote control iPhone compatible, which is available at ablogtophone.com.