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A brand that appeared in May 1995 and today with 17 years of existence is one of the largest textile/jeans of prompt delivery of Brazil. Is already in countries of Europe, USA and in Lebanon, bringing releases and world trends, and always providing the best for their clients.

Its employees seek to offer the best fabrications of pants, shorts, Bermuda shorts, dresses, overalls, waistcoats and jackets, with stretch, washing and dyeing diversified and now in 2012 they opened a line to the youth group between 10 to 16 years containing lots of quality and news for the galerinha teen.

The sets they are offering now is well animated, containing everything that our people enjoy using to rock mainly with accessories that they also offer.

On the website they have you stay informed of all of the trends, tips and promotions that they have to offer to its customers mostly what this fashionable at that time.

Every item clicked, a new more interesting than the other. If interact in this fashion and these tips you will always be in high in the trendies.

To view offers and news in Jeans go to the website: our site

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