Jewels Of The Magical Peoples

The designer and artist in jewellery Isaac Pineda Damian, who now serves as director of the school of jewellery of the Tec de Monterrey Campus Laguna this by performing an event great since as part of their global vision wants to leave an acquis in the Tower of what is being done in jewelry design and that’s to take as inspiration to the magical and full of life Mexico our customs and natural resources; the sample has titled it “Jewels of the magical peoples”

Pineda Damian wants to exalt in jewelry design and work in silver in the North of the country in specific in (Torreón, Coahuila). In this project I call more than 40 designers from various parts of the Mexican Republic and silver lagoon of the Tec de Monterrey students to reflect their inspiration, mainly in 4 villages Magicos de Coahuila (Viesca and Parras, Cuatro Ciénegas Arteaga), also involve the other magical peoples of Mexico, which follows the concept of parts which transmit and speak each of the magical peoples.

Damian says feel committed and passionate about their work and want to promote what the Tecnológico de Monterrey looks like a fortress in the Comarca Lagunera region and that’s why you are interested in positioning the region with the design and added value that is being given to the silver, with the Tec de Monterrey School of jewelry , since the leading producer of silver refined in the world is located in the region: the Peñoles company.

As you can see the exhibition can be seen with a high impact and high interest for the promotion of culture, by which it is possible to develop a book of jewelry inspired by the magical towns Pineda Damian urged the secretariats of tourism, with the support of Pro Mexico and the Secretary of culture of Coahuila to support this exhibition because no doubt you will be giving to talk about throughout the year 2014 , is an exhibition of high level and that showcases the work of great designers Mexican Jewelers and students who dream of impact with companies, designs, fashion, trends, trade, etc. in the Comarca Lagunera region.

Within this sample the following artists and designers are:

Hugo Rocha, Carlos Cabral Madrigal, Maria Caraveo, Flora Maria, known Victor, Adriana Berber, Melin Diep, Martha Vargas, Noemi Buendia, Veronica Romero, Alejandra Aceves, Cosette’s Castle, Magaly Sánchez, Jaqueline Ramirez Enriquez, Ofelia Murrieta, Carlos Augusto, Samuel Burnstein, Martha Aguilera, Isela Robles, Pineda Damian Delgado Paulina Hena Franco Lugo, Gabriela Quezada, Cecilia Menéndez, Granados Rosy, Yosh, Guillermo Bravo, Arturo Chavez, Oscar Figueroa , Lourdes Trejo, Ricardo Patrarca, Alfredo Perez Aguirre, Eric Heredia, Carlos Kenneth, Jazmin de el Villar, Manuel Garza, Martha Saldaña, Mariana Bobadilla and Liz Padilla Crystal jewelry and Bogue group, Francisco Moya, Azure Mexico, Mariana Barranco, Claudia Gómez, among others.

Pineda Damian reports that preparations for the opening of the exhibition will be divided into several episodes to go raising awareness to the people of the great importance of this exhibition; the first was the gateway that was held last year in the framework of the Tower fair with the support of the Rotary Club where paraded the jewels of the students of Silver Lake of the Tec de Monterrey and now was another footbridge on 8 March in support of the Association learns to fly BC to raise funds and create a dining room that feed to underprivileged children as well as the exhibition jewels of the magical peoples also has a social work.

The opening of the great exhibition where the renowned artists and jewelry designers will be in August of 2014 in the Regional Museum of the lagoon and in September the exhibition arose in the Palau Güell in Barcelona Spain Pineda Damian wants to internationalize the sample and for this you will be working on it with the MEXCAT Association in the framework of the second sample of fashion in Barcelona with the support of the President Cesar Cardenas Perez, Vice-President Albert Torras Corbella and Commissioner of the exhibition Manuel Alejandro Gutierrez Torres.

No doubt in this 2014 School of jewelry of the Tec de Monterrey and the design of large jewellery artists will be giving that speak to the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic but above all which will have a great resonance in Europe. This exhibition will also be in Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Durango, Monterrey, Guanajuato, to mention some States having magical towns in our country.

Fashion and culture come together to give rise to the great exhibition JEWELS of the magical peoples.


Pineda Damian jewelry designer.


Photos courtesy Pineda Damian.

Designer fashion Brenda Zapata of torreon Coahuila.
Collaborating photographers Matheo Perez, Daniel Triana and David Manuel Lopez Reyes