Keys to the Coast in Mar Del Plata

How to make a lot of copies fishing in that mode in “La Feliz”. Image gallery.

The city of Mar del Plata stands not only for being a great tourist destination for vacations in family, but also by having a variety of centrally located places in which you can practice our favorite sport. There are many very suitable for fishing, areas in which you can capture a wide variety of species between the lighthouse and the roundabout of Constitution. At this time which most abundant are the silver side and the kingcroakers. In the lines that follow we will describe the best downtown areas, characteristics and equipment to use.

Southern breakwater

A good fishing spot, fit to catch mackerel and kingcroakers at this time of the year. You can try on both sides, both the South as the North. As for almost all the fishing boats of the Mar del Plata Bank, the cane to be used must be long, 4 to 4.50 m, to handle the rig in the stones with more comfort. The lines more effective are the classical paternoster with carrot buoy, or a float with small elongated or spherical boyitas of about 12 mm in diameter and not very large short leg and eye hooks. As bait, the more yielding are shrimp, salted mackerel, or filet of same silverside. Here in the South breakwater, higher yielding sectors are el morro and the slab of face to the lighthouse. It is important to Prime.

North breakwater

Good place to try fishing for Silversides. The escardón and the black tail are fished in quantity. It is always advisable to Prime to keep the shoal. And in all cases consult tide tables, since the most effective moments are with the increased maximum and the beginning of the downspout. On the side of the nose, in the part that looks to the port, you can try the varied fishing girl: roncadoras, pescadillolas and small anchovies.