Lamps Home Decoration Vintage

Today one of the most modern lamps today are vintage lamps. This type of lamps are used in all types of interiors, whether for home to venues such as shops or restaurants and cafés. This type of lamps, can also be used in any environment: kitchen, bedrooms… And they don’t have to be expensive because today thanks to the DIY movement, there are many options to make this type of lamps vintage yourself, as that you can see below:

We have seen this idea on the blog save at your home, in this post about retro lamps. There you can find more information about the type of bulbs that you can use to make your lamp.

In all case retro lamps are increasingly used today in modern interiors, not just on those who are of type vintage, as they help to give personality to the spaces and rooms in our home. In the industrial style, for example, which is an urban style that increasingly we see more into television series, are very common, especially those ceiling lamps with a metal screen.

These vintage lamps can be found today in multinational stores such as Ikea, or as we have already mentioned, with only a little crafty can make them ourselves. On the internet there are many manuals and tutorials that will enable us to carry out our own lamp vintage, giving it a unique and personal style that will help you to have a unique lamp.

In short, if you’re looking for ideas to decorate your home with lamps, bet on vintage lamps is a great alternative, you get to have your House estilazo and in addition, if the craft is get well, you can do so without having to invest a lot of money.