Latest Vintage Fashion Trends

Every year back in fashion apparel fell into obscurity for decades, and so everyone go crazy for pieces that never would have thought to ask for. Just long enough that a launch a trend, which now comes from Zara. But rather than go buy a vintage-inspired piece, why not point directly at vintage that inspired the new trend?

  1. Lady Shoes

Gone with the years ‘ 80, are very easy to find on Etsy since no one wanted them more until the day before yesterday. In three months the most famous vintage shop will be sold out!

  1. The Maxi Dress

Hollow to floor, if possible with long sleeves and big flowers printed on 70s comes naturally maxi dress.

  1. The Vintage Cardigans

Here you have plenty of choice, from the 40 ‘s or 50 ‘s super retro to that much more 80s cardigans (check In the picture a striped sweater anni ‘ 50.

4 The Wedding Dress

Until recently, the wedding dress was supposed to be strictly new. In recent years, however, there is much talk of vintage wedding dresses. Plenty of choice online or Cha-rly Vintage and Flowers in Turin (via Pomba 29). Here a lace dress anni ‘ 50.

  1. High Waist Jeans

Better still if they are Levi’s 501, which among other things can be found in almost every vintage shop. Look at the price though: some take advantage of the phenomenon of fashion to raise prices a little too much. Here a 501 years ‘ 80.