Learn How To Read The Label Of Your Bottle Of Mineral Water

The labeling of a bottle of mineral water is critical because informs us about their origin, composition, type, features and natural properties and benefits that brings, in addition comes detailed with the amounts of each element.

And do you know why is it special? Because it captures the uniqueness of each one. Because each natural mineral water has a unique and constant composition. Why is so important to help us choose what fits best to your needs.

The Institute of water and health (IIAS) gives us some guidelines to learn how to properly read the labels on the bottles of natural mineral water :

Sales description. It is regulated by the rule of labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs and specific of the bottled water legislation. Depending on the type of bottled water, indicates whether it is natural mineral water, spring water or prepared water.

Composition. Specific mineral composition depends on the rocks by where it is filtered naturally, as well as time, depth and temperature that is. Depending on the amount of dissolved minerals in the water are differentiated into four categories: very weak mineralizationwater, weak mineralizationwater, water and water of medium mineralization of strong mineralization.

Origin. Indicates the municipality and province in which its point of capturing underground water or spring is located.

Preferred consumption date. It has no expiration, however, its consumption is recommended before a certain date that always appears on the label to ensure that it maintains all the organoleptic qualities.

Green dot. It is a symbol that assures belonging to the integrated system of management of ECOEMBALAJES. So we know with certainty that the bottling company is involved in the environmental management of packaging and its waste.

Conservation. They always advise to keep them in a clean, cool, dry place away from aggressive odours and protected from sunlight.

It is vital to read all data appearing on the label, since each mineral water has a concentration of minerals and various trace elements, and according to them, profits or others. Read the label will help you to choose the one that suits you!

Very important to keep in mind

To ensure that water reaches the consumers with its original purityintact, it is essential that the container is properly sealed. So, if we want to have the same properties as in nature and indicating its label, we have to make sure that you have your seal is intact and that it has not been manipulated. It requires restaurants to open the bottle in your presence.

Natural mineral water bottled and closed is a beverage safe and healthy. When we drink it we know with certainty what kind of water we are taking, its composition, date of packaging and origin.

You know, read the label carefully if you want to choose natural mineral water that suits you. It is healthy, pure and reliable, what more can you ask?