Learn To Choose Your Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is one of those items where you waste money, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are three main features to sleeping bags: classification by temperature, insulation material and shape.

On the classification by temperature, can say what the comfort it provides, but the producing firms of sleeping bags have not yet established a universal standard for this classification. Each producer places the rating that he think is right. A sleeping bag used for 3 seasons, +5° +25° degrees C, the will be a good start. He will keep you warm on cold nights, and won’t melt in the warm summer evenings.

Now that you’ve sabre on the hotness of the sleeping bag, you don’t want to know what makes him hot? There are two main materials, feathers and synthetic. Feathers is what has been used since the sleeping bags were created. It’s probably the hottest material for your weight and well compacted when placed in a bag. But if it’s wet, it loses the heat feature. That’s where comes the synthetic. These new materials are almost as hot as the feathers and compress nearly as much. The good of synthetics, however, is if they’re wet, so will still be hot.

The form makes a big difference in sleeping bags. The two forms, Mummy and rectangular, both have their advantages. If you are loading it in your bag, then you should use the Mummy bag. These bags have a tapered shape, narrowing towards the feet. This type of bag, the zipper is usually on the chest is too long. Your hood has the adjustment cords close around your face and only your face gets out (just like a mummy with your death mask, hence the name). All this makes the access a bit more complicated (a sudden intestinal disorder, night, is something really tragicomedy …).

However, are already being sold bags of type sarcophagus with side zipper what solves, at least, the problem of digestive distress.

This fairly keeps you warmer, because there is less air to warm up inside the bag. On the other hand, is much more restricted because a bag of this type. Suitable for temperatures of-3c° to+20c°.

Rectangular bags are usually larger, bulky and heavy. They’re not as hot as the mummies, did not fit the body shapes. Have a zipper closing on one side and the side with the feet. So, with the zipper open, this sleeping bag can be used as a common blanket. Some models have a hood, if you want to bivacar (sleeping outdoors). Now, if you go camping by car, so are recommended, because they eliminate the use of the blanket.