LED Bulbs Are the Future

Is it worth investing in the replacement of old wire filament bulbs with LED Bulbs of the new generation?

The answer to this question is always yours.

We will only provide you with the numbers as they are.

In comparison to commonly used incandescent bulb of 100W and our newest product – the LED bulb the Dealledlights, which consumes only 12W. What do the numbers?

With an average duration of light from 4 hours a day for 1 year 100 watt bulb will consume 146 kWh, and our LED bulb the Samsung – only 17.52 kWh. This makes a total difference of 128.48 kwh or near 22 lv. For 12 calendar months. This means that only within the warranty period of 24 months can regain investments, and to save at least 10 leva.

Here is the moment to note that our LED bulbs have a long service life of at least 50,000 hours. Taking into account that 1 calendar year consists of 8760 hours, this means thatpurchased our LED Bulbs can be used more than 5 years!