LED Flashlights. What Is Best To Buy?

Use your phone to make light work to a certain extent. But if you spend enough time in dark places then you will want to invest in a market LED flashlights . Today when compared with any other device that is not designed to do so we find that there are powerful affordable lanterns.

LED Flashlights. What Is Best To Buy?

Best LED flashlights

We have analyzed the most purchased, best and most important market to finish with this comparison of LED flashlights, to what can do, as always, a good purchase decision. After seeing the models you will learn how we have tested and what to consider before buying a LED flashlight. Here are the 3 best for each situation.

Best value for money. FordEx Group 7W 300lm flashlight

LED Flashlight FordEx 300lm Mini believes is a model of 7 watts with adjustable focus and zoom. You only have to use the flashlight head by pulling the beam and thus be able to focus the light. A model is little known by its light blinding, water resistant and splashproof.

No you can dive with it but if you can sprinkle. You are missing some features extrac as for example a head slider approach. The maximum illumination of this LED flashlight is 300 and accept rechargeable batteries AA, lithium 14500 and NiMH. The truth is that the battery can last for months. By the way, they are not included.

Between flashlights LED this is actually recommended for sports night, camping or as complement for your car or bike. The lens is convex and the coated is made from black aluminum alloy. The technology that uses the LED is CREE Q5 with a switch on the back. It is capable of reaching distances of 50 meters.

The development is excellent. The slip-resistant making them perfect for rainy day or people with sweaty hands. Change in form or function is very easy and you don’t have to press the tail overreact to do so. It has three modes: high, low, strobe.

Weighs only 65 grams, It is very easy to carry around and gives the feeling that is one of these more expensive LED flashlights even though it weighs less. We have considered it the best reflector model by its good luster and price. Be attached to weapons if you go hunting also.

It is usually a good device on value for money and is perfect in night-time activities. The first model that we recommend. In the event that you do not all weight read.

Maximum power. Sunwayman V11R

In the comparison of LED flashlights that we have done, Sunwayman V11R has been second battle, but still a solid choice. It is more Compact than the models we tested Phoenix and SOG as well as being much more powerful. Use normal batteries CR123A and runs a little more than 2 hours offering 200 lumens.

Don’t miss it, because putting a battery rechargeable lawn offers us a 500 lumenslight output, the V11R coming to bend as well same with this source of energy. But keep in mind that this power will only last 5 minutes, and in addition will get it quite hot. It will not burn but you can not touch it from the front.

It is also that has lasted us less as time as you have seen. Even so, the range selection is superior to both the Phoenix and the SOG that were direct competitors of powerful flashlights. The good thing about this model is that the Sunwayman has adjustable infinity of power, and can put it gradually from 1 to 500 lumens.

In addition to these, it is flexible by the combination of batteries you want to put with the help of an adapter tube that comes in handy. If you see that in certain situations, you need plenty of light and don’t mind then stay short, between the LED lights this is that they recommend.

Small super LED flashlight. Bestmodo! H502 Zebralight Headlamp

This LED flashlight model can seem very small without the luminescence of others but made plays in his favor. To punish a few centimeters in length, the H502 placed in your pocket or purse without that notes it. And thanks to optics that can be easily put in the belt, collar, or even in the hair with a rubber. Already, something weird maybe, but you know that you you can.

By what makes the resistance has been higher, comparing with other models of powerful flashlights as the Phoenix or the Sunwayman has not been anything wrong using batteries AA endurance has been even more impressive, holding out for more than 2 weeks with 0.8 of lumen. Besides that it stays cool for a longer time. So not little by little it has blown as the LED flashlights SOG we tested.

The beam of light from the H502 is also very useful as LED flashlight from day to day. While it does not have the same size as the DE214 we also tested, the H502 shines in more diffuse way that will illuminate your way or work area without being blinding. The fact that use AA batteries that you have it loaded at any time while you wait to be used. For the price, we recommend it if you’re looking for among portable LED flashlights.

Considerations before buying a LED flashlight

LED flashlights are popular accessories for all types of users. From police, military, hunters and night runners, people who like camping, etc. But if really need you there are some things to consider before you buy:

1 Why would I need it?

Hunting, survival, search, sports night, or visibility over long distances make need a powerful flashlight with high gloss. If you are looking for is basically camping or do recreational activities such as hiking or fishing, you’ll want something from the 200 lumens as the first two models that we have taught you.

A design robust is important so that you can take good hits. In every day use or to make it more sporadically and use it for distances shorter don’t need so many features, something that reaches 100 to 200 can go well.

2. the brightness I need

LED flashlights are interesting and fun to use gadgets. More brightness better since it is their sole purpose, but only buy what makes you lack. Here we will see a basic guide to know what to look for.

  • From 10 to 20 lumens. For tasks very close as looking under the table or in the closet.
  • From 20 to 150 lumens. To look around the House or walking the dog on a dark night.
  • From 160 to 200 lumens. For most general tasks, camping, security and surveillance, walking outside at night…
  • From 200 to 500 lumens. For tactical survival, hunting, climbing…
  • From 600 to 1000 lumens. Actually you do not so much unless your life depends on making night life and they are really expensive.
  • More than 1000 lumens. You could light up your whole House. Already used more for search and rescue.

3 weight, material and water resistance

Most of the LED lights are constructed in aluminium, making them strong and light. Some models have the option of steel without spots or strong plastic, but it depends on the brand and the role. The advantage of aluminum allows you to cover certain parts and make the water resistant LED flashlight. In addition to follow international standards IPX-8 may even serve you to dive up to 2 meters.

4. body size

It is an important factor when you want to buy a LED flashlight, since the last thing you want to do is bring something very heavy to all sides. And if you take a country will go to another well for suitcase in hand that weighs little. Traditionally to have good brightness needed lot of battery and this meant carrying a flashlight the heavy sea, fortunately is no longer so.

While it is true that in some cases as the cops will take some larger, the truth is that other tasks do not make you lack. Batteries and energy efficiency improvements made to come out to light cheap powerful flashlights and extremely compact.

5 types of batteries

Use the typical alkaline batteries in your flashlight can give you good performance. However, to avoid having to go using one battery charger all the time sometimes want to use linio batteries, since it will last you longer and many users prefer it. That Yes, you will have to pay more for this feature so it depends on what look will not be ideal.

6 power and modes

Some LED flashlights offer modes or “speed” that say depending on the lighting that you seek. Normally range from brightness to low, medium, high and turbo / Max. But not all because the options are slim, pencil type flood light, perfect for targeting specific objects. Extra wide, to cover large areas. Mode emergency to draw attention and flashing mode for different options of survival and emergencies.

7. What about brands

Some people are looking for Fenix flashlights because it sounds to them that the brand is good. Quiet that we also have them reviewed and did not reach the list of best value for money. Never finish buying that light in the Chinese, because with the 3 brands that we offer you here have, high performance, clarity, emergency options, much more length, strength and tranquility have bought something good.

How we tested flashlights LED

We have reviewed and compared models more highlights of the online market, according to opinions and recommendations and have finished with these three models that we look forward to serve you. The minimum is 200 lumens so don’t run short.

We have tested both batteries and batteries in each one of the models that allow us to get the best of both worlds. We have used batteries in models of Phoenix and Li-on headlights in which accepted also. For example the Sunwayman gives more power with batteries so it was something that we also had to analyze. Thus also we analyze the Zebra and Eneloop, with Duracell AA batteries.

Our main way of evaluating has been simple. We have made a few meters away from each flashlight in a dark room and we have turned on them. With this simple we can see where comes the brightness but also its intensity, clear is not as one of LED tubes that we have seen. In addition, we have also used them to look in a room without light.

We have finally tested when time took off also the temperatures in which operated and if they burned much or little putting fresh cells, turning and putting the maximum intensity and wait for the batteries ended up working. Finally, the most fun part, we have light hits and we knocked them to the ground (without exaggeration) to see if they resisted normal fall.

We believe that this guide is good and it has cost us hours and money to develop. To give us support appreciate if we simply share or subscribe to the newsletter for more comparative amazing any product if you want to buy cheap online. If you have any suggestions do not forget to leave it in the comments.