LED Illuminated Furniture for Home

In the furniture industry makes LED lights are increasingly introduced. The small lamps provide bright light, takes up little space and also consume little power. Its use allows furniture designers the opportunity to create many new effects and create new accents in furniture design.

LED Illuminated Furniture for Home

Illuminated furniture

In many furniture manufacturers, the LEDs currently handles on drawers or roll over because of light on the contents of a closet, cabinet or shelf. Illuminated furniture is a new trend that is catching on much. Cost, comfort and functionality while seamlessly with each other.

Not long ago, light elements furniture for rough, its built-consuming and expensive and the technology too bad. The lights were almost warm. At the same time, however, the technology ready. And it is the development benefits that the bulb gradually disappear from the shelves.

New atmosphere

Three factors contribute to the new trend received by consumers with open arms:

  • like all the latest lighting technology at home; see 5W pure white LED bulb B22 base
  • you can see better if you open a drawer pull with light in it;
  • artificial light gives a whole new atmosphere in furniture design.

The atmosphere is affected by pressing a button. It is also possible to determine the color of light by remote control, creating a unique atmosphere in your interior.

Millions of colors

The reason for this is that the strips with kleinde diodes are programmable. There are controls with the ever-changing light colors. Bathroom cabinet or display rack inside submerged in soft light, shelves in a sober blue or green. LEDs radiate red, green and blue, and out of the eye cannot be observed with the rapid succession of these colors, millions of colors can be composed. For this, the individual diodes are placed very close together.
A single diode can be red, green and blue rather quickly in succession. A chip ensures that all of them against him at the same time and give a uniform appearance. LEDs small footprint, low power consumption and have a long life. There are no additional components required to produce furniture with beautiful light, and it is not necessary to disassemble the furniture to replace a defective LED.


All this has led designers new possibilities. There are many of them has always been bothered that there was so little work in furniture design with light. With LEDs having the ability to relieve flexible. The thin LED strips can be applied in different ways so that LED technology offers countless opportunities for flexible design options.
Additionally, programming is possible: A sensor on the furniture takes the brightness of the environment and regulate on the basis of brightness. It’s light outside, then from the lamp. When darkness falls, she goes on.

Do-it-yourself furniture lighting

The range of illuminated furniture is growing steadily. In addition to this market as small LED lights that separate installation. For five to 10 € is to get small spots. Elongated models are slightly more expensive. They are battery powered and can for example be glued on top of the wardrobe or the upper shelf kitchen. So let them also retrofitting lighting in furniture.