LED Suspension Lights

Think of lamps with LED light source means imagine changing colour effects and imaginative and low-power conditions: now that’s what we usually think about when we hear of this product range, increasingly commercially launched and supported by an adequate hype pushing a lot about their durability and low power consumption as well as their reliability and yield.

In fact, in very recent times the major commercial applications have seen the sale of products with the characteristic of changing color to determine combinations create visualizations of emotional type, a bit on the basis of the now widespread color theory in relation to the emotional States of users, theory that now also affects several designers and clients in the choice of paint for their homes.

Applications in the lighting field, at present, tend to implement consistently, because, in addition to the features already exposed, the current LEDs on the market are characterized by a luminous efficiency, which measures between light quantity and consumption and is expressed in lm/w, which is fixed at a minimum of 3 to 1, which makes them far more performant old incandescent or halogen lamps; Conversely, the limit still exists on the amount of emitted light (luminous flux in lumens) than traditional technology products, is regularly enhanced with constant technological updates and partially bypassed by exploiting the aggregation of multiple led light spots in individual luminaires.

An interesting and attractive example of the use of led technology lamps design is the one made by Martinelli Luce with its Glouglou Led, updated version to the new technology of a successful series of pendant lamps nate with fluorescence light sources. This unit can provide direct and indirect light, consists of two transparent methacrylate diffusers elements combined with a varnished aluminium disc on which are fixed Led circuits, both on the upper side is below.

Glouglou Led, which has a diameter of 55 cm, is available in two versions on Zephyrledlights: the first with white LEDs and the second with RGB Led; in both versions you can guarantee 78x 0.5 W in producing direct light and 12 x 0.5 W regarding indirect light. Install in an environment means to enrich it with a kind of flying saucer from the vibrant and rich brightness enhances the vision of shapes and volumes.

With special attention to a minimalist and essential subtly, in the field of pendant lamps with this type of source of light are Led by Ikon Targetti, direct and indirect light made up of two elements in anodised extruded aluminium, adjustable to 355 degrees, made with black finish and natural aluminium.

Bipartite design of this lamp is not just a formal organizational policy of the party but gets the power electronics technology is housed in the aluminum module while the black module houses the source. The basic equipment is completed by 2 metres long steel suspension cables, and power cables with ceiling rose, ceiling mounting.