Leggings Army Style 2016

Leggings were once rural bodies of clothes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Winding and footcloths – close relatives leggings – were used in the army.

Sense of Footless Leggings

– Is long enough and wide strips of cloth used for wrapping legs, starting with the foot. The producers in Russia wore them to bast shoes, boots. In other countries, they wore leather shoes. Documents State Franks referred to the time of Charlemagne, this part of clothing. Windings can be seen on European miniatures of past. No most common leggings produced in Russia and many Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries.

Depending on the season leggings use of different types takan. Klinove – this item of clothing designed to protect the bottom of legs. Through summer wore liquidation of linen (flax and hemp) tissue, and in winter – at the bottom of the canvas and on top – the second layer of fabric (wool, with split).

Lapti and defensive (links) are different everyday and holidays. For every day of the commonly used rope and on holidays wore raffia or bark sandals and used stables raffia. party supplies colored white or cherveno. Svatbeni leggings – it’s almost work art. They are made of bleached linen covered with colorful broderiya. Bulkata had to prepare their own wedding leggings as a gift for groom. They put on a wedding, and then behaves like a relic in the chest.

How to Wear Leggings

Leggings (photos, which you can see below) bast shoes were worn with mostly. This lightweight and comfortable shoes, because of the low cost and simplicity of production was widely common. It from improvised almost always available material – branches, birch, linden. No barefoot sandals to wear, it is very convenient and practical, pre-wrapped legs wrapped. Men lower leg, and women – barefoot. Feet length of fabric can reach 5 m (usually 1.5-2.5 m) width. About 10 cm from the toes wrapped tightly gripping the tibia and reaches knee. The end band of tissue and tucked tucked under coil. For leggings is not developed and does not fall, hanged long cable. Produtsiran braided or crocheted Obory bast rope. In end of the tape is threaded in a loop on the back and wrapped around or secure crosswise foot from the ankle to knee. Sometimes used tight leather straps are tied at the knee.