Leggings Plus Size, Neon And Shirt Creeper

Hello dear, yesterday I received a question about how to use plus size legging pants. I never found it hard, in fact, didn’t even know it was an issue, but I think the whole question is valid! So, I’m not staying here pooping, but I can say as a rule I think more beautiful use leggings, especially for someone who is more voluptuous like us fatties.

I always find more beautiful cover and the camel toe (there are, excuse the term, is that I didn’t find any better to set this region). So, I prefer long sweaters and more larguinhas. At the time of the combination, if the pants is lisa(one color), it allows prints on top. Just use the trick of combining colors, remember?! The pants have to be of a color you have in print. Already the pants is stamped, reverse the rule and choose plain sweaters.

I don’t like black legging lisa, I think it looks very “I’m going to the gym”. Already the pants is black and has a texture or brightness, as this leggings plus size I’m using today, so I LOVE passion and I think posh!