Length:Learn How to Wear Skirts of Different Models

The length of the skirt is decisive in time to assemble a beautiful look and suitable for the most diverse occasions, and each calls for special attention and to harmonize with the silhouette and fall perfectly. Not to miss, find out when and how to use each each piece, whether it’s mini, medium, long or midi.

Mini Skirt

The mini skirt is one in which the length ends at mid-thigh, with a more casual and sexy connotation. You can even use a party dress at that time, but it will need to be much more elaborate and have a far greater sophistication than a medium or a long would have to be fine. Despite this, he is more versatile than people imagine do you usually flatten the silhouette and even helps stretch to who’s short, especially when you have the high waist or in place. Skirts and dresses are fine with vests and sweaters, ending almost bar, for those who want a modern look.

Skirt Medium

Pieces that end at the knee or just above him are considered medium-sized, and can go from work to dinner more sophisticated: they do not stretch as far as the short, but I don’t flatten, then have a certain neutrality. Worth betting on his hip in place, especially in bermuda, and use with shorter sweaters or inside to a stretching sensation.

Midi Skirt

It is common to consider the midi -length a villain by believing that it diminishes the stature, however, with some care it is possible to reduce this effect and leave your clothes much more versatile, be it a skirt or even a pants, dress or trousers. The model is usually in the middle of the calf or two or three fingers below the knee, and so it has that feeling to shorten the legs. Worth using with a jump, which let the super tidy and female production and by itself put the belt in place. Avoid very spaced prints is also valid, because they tend to slow down even more.

This length can be extremely sophisticated or casual, everything will depend on the details and the way you dress. He is very versatile, and really changes with accessories and Add-ons. Take care to keep the upper part shorter, this will let you visually taller, and avoid the puckers and pleats at the waist, which accentuate the belly.

Long Skirt

Long pants are wildcards and can be used in any situation, but the same is not true with the dresses and skirts. They are less versatile than the midi, because they are considered little suitable for work, for being too informal. In other situations work very well according to what is used in conjunction.

Afraid to use because it is low? Believe me, this is a length that only helps: When is not very bulky, and wheeled the long skirts are democratic because the silhouette stretch well, especially when the look has a color. For skirts, or even pantaloons, the ideal is to choose the jump that you want to use for the bar to be made low to the ground, with only one finger away behind. In General, the proposed is not check on the ankle, because even though in high fashionable it is not considered sophisticated.