Letizia Is A ‘Mix’ Of Leather And Cotton

The Princess of Asturias was on Thursday, March 20, at home, in the Asturian town of Langreo. Since a few years ago, Doña Letizia supports with its agenda vocational training, visiting centers and encouraging young people to follow such studies that may lead them so, or further, to the University.

To visit a vocational training center, the spouse of don Felipe was one of their “Letizia mix”, i.e., mixing styles, this time rocker touch of a waistcoat with a shirt style “good girl” and tailor trousers.

Doña Letizia returned to the leather jacket of Hugo Boss, which cost 629 EUR on the website of the German firm. This rocker garment combined it with a shirt of the Spanish firm Flamenco.

Hair returned to wear it smooth and loose, as jewelry some new earrings, or at least I not the souvenir, and a light make-up. The Princess yesterday was very pretty.

You do not believe that the Princess premiered yesterday this “look” that I have called “Letizia mix”, the funny thing is that last time she chose the same style, with the same jacket but different shirt and pants, was also to visit a vocational training center, this time in Santander, last October, as I show below.

What is clear is that the Princess she loves the genuine leather jacket, in fact has many, and puts them on a regular basis. I show you some of their favorites.

This one, also from Hugo Boss, has it been on several occasions, to my find it me a little corny.

This perfect put it above all in their moments of leisure, as on this occasion when left with her daughters by Madrid to attend a play.

Surprised the appearance of Princess with this super leather jacket motorbike with a pink dress, it was another “Letizia mix”.

This model, handle, we have seen a couple of times, last visiting the King in one of its operations. It is one of my favorites, I love the color.

And then you have this leather jacket, saw it was in Oviedo last year during the visit to the copy people, and that it is frankly, ugly.

Do you think you? What you like most? Do you think the mix of styles of the Princess?