Let’s See Your Nipples! Tata Top Bikini As A New Eye-Catcher On The Beach

From a distance are the new TaTa tops hard to see. Bikini tops in 3 different skin tones withimprinted nipple can hang ever the jaw down many holidaymakers on the beach or bathers in the pool. When taking a closer look or falls from nearest distance to the viewer that the women are not topless, but textile covered are quite good. Exactly encounters but bitter tops the creators of TaTa.

UNFAIR: Many Beaches Sunbathing Is Forbidden Topless For Women

While men unabashedly topless in the Sun räckeln can this is strictly forbidden for women on many beaches in the United States and other countries of the world. Unfair! Find the inventors of the nipple bikinis Robyn + Michelle Lytle. You want to draw attention with these bikinis on this discrimination against women and use to promote your Web site also such as breast cancer more women’s issues.

In addition to the serious themes, but also the fun factor in the foreground stands for Robyn & Michele. People will laugh at the bikinis and have fun with it.

For more information about the TaTa’s are tops on www.thetatatop.com. I already wonder whether we get to see such nipple tops this summer at our  the Solar Bikini from 2011 has unfortunately not all prevailed…