Look of the Day Make-up of Fernanda Lima

Makeup of Fernanda Lima

Fernanda Lima is always a great reference when it comes to style. The presenter has a very versatile and can be dressed each day in a different way. In your everyday life, outside of television, Fernanda invests in looks more robbed and comfortable, like basic blouses and jeans. Already, when the girl needs make appearances as a professional, the visual is always rock. In makeup, sometimes she invests in eyes and other in lips opinions posted.

A style of makeup that usually Fernanda Lima invests and is also one of the preferences of the other famous, are hazy eyes. The beautiful arises often with this striking look combined with a discrete skin and lips also more discreet, usually in nude.

The smoky look eye has a charm and is timeless, serves for various occasions, but as this version is made with metallic shadows, we should reserve it only for parties and events more sophisticated, especially at night. Like Fernanda is a nocturnal programme presenter, this look fancier combines perfectly and gives even more personality.

To do this we must start with the eye makeup, marking the concave with a Brown shade satin. Blow well this color from the inside corner of the eye to the outer corner, scoring well that “V”. This same outside will be enhanced with a shade darker still, like a little black, which can also be replaced by a pencil smudges.

At the center of the eye, apply a shade lighter Brown and, above it, a fixative to play glitter shadow in loose powder. That’s the detail that will make this much more lush and striking makeup. The glitter must have a golden tone, but without exaggeration. In the inner corner of the eyes, apply a shimmery shadow Valley to open the look and stand out more.

With a black eye pencil we will dissolve into the whole part of the lower lashes. After we got the Brown shade that was used in the concave and esfumamos over this pencil, leaving the look super detached and open. Inside the eye, on the waterline, we won’t apply black pencil, a pencil, which makes the eye get even wider. To finalize this look is applied a mascara and mascara, letting the lashes with volume and elongated.

Now, on the skin, just apply a uniformly base, Concealer to lighten under eyes and also in regions where if you want to highlight, as the center of the nose and forehead. Then a facial powder to remove the shine on T-zone. The blush Brown gives the special touch on the skin, tapering the apples. Finally, a nude lipstick with matte finish.

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