Lu loves Dior – Diorshow Extase Mascara

THE mascara par excellence she is just perfect for me -. 🙂 I am therefore all the more, that I got it as a early Christmas present from my Schwiegerpapi. 🙂 So you understand why I love them so much, there is a small post (or better a great review…) about it for you.

The project will, or rather have-must feel raised this small mini version of ‘Diorshow Extase‘ with me. I even get it at Douglas and since Nice often uses.

The brush is in original size – the color black (looks in the photos unfortunately slightly grayish).
After I always thought the “Inimitable” by Chanel (→ here in my “my favorite…) Mascaras “(-Post schon vorgestellt) would be the perfect mascara for my lashes, I was disabused now and have to say – for a few euros more (in the price range it is yes then also somehow doesn’t matter) you get absolute perfection – even if I know that you think a bit different (my lashes are just sucks, I can nix that… ^^).”

That’s particularly great I think Yes the mascara sleeve. She looks super precious, the Dior logo is engraved as the whole packaging – almost hidden, yet “Dior” and “Dior show Extase” is printed. The lid is silver. Above, the initials are stamped.

On the bottom of the color name and origin is printed, the content (10 ml) and durability (6 months). Comparison again the mini version in addition to the original size – the small “Diorshow Extase” is of course not so beautiful she must have so worked – it. 🙂

Left the two brush (left mini, right original) to detect compared – there is no difference! 🙂 On the right picture you can see the original brush.

The Bürstchenform is quite extraordinary – it consists of four mounds. 🙂 Also – I’m looking forward again and again about it – it’s a hair brush. The amount of mascara, which is located at the got out the bottle of mascara, is exactly enough, you can strip off only the tip a bit so that you not rumbatzt (which in the lower lashes – at least for me – often happens).

Jet Black is the colour – “090 Noir Ecstasy – black Extase” – as already mentioned -. The color also acts on the lashes not brighter or Wan – Eyelashes Shine beautifully in black, moist and beautiful look. 🙂

Where were we also at the effect of mascara:
Be promised according to packaging “spectacularly lashes’with’Volume Plumping”-effect. An immediate “false Lashes look with an order”.

Of course I made before and after photos to show you how it looks then:

My lashes are greatly extended and are voluminous. The separation is clearly seen, even if some eyelashes are still bundling – in contrast to other Mascaras I’ve previously presented. The eyes is much more, my eyes look like this much more radiant – if I would want to, I could wear only mascara and would be even happy with it (but never – me is the stupid vanity ^^).

At the lower lashes, I’m always a little cautious, therefore always somewhat less are prehensible – but here you can see an improvement in the length and the good ink transfer (of you left while rather not, because I’ve drawn less there, but is about the principle).

I think you all know where I’m going (I had already mentioned it):it’s the perfect mascara for me and I’m very glad to have found it.I hope she will not someday disappear from the range because I no longer want to use a different mascara. Maybe I need it at some time in “waterproof”, but for the time being, the normal version of course enough.

Again briefly summarised for you the important information:

  • Content:10 ml
    • Colors:so far I know only by “090 Noir Ecstasy – Black Extase”
    • Shelf life:6 months
    • Price:€31 (for example in → Douglas online)

Official description on the packaging:


It has also “Diorshow Extase”?
Are you also happy with it?