Lulu Frost and Vintage Jewellery

Vibrant and eclectic, as its name implies, the creations of Lulu Frost do not follow any rule and go we are grateful for that!

The founder and creative head of the company, Lisa Selzer, inherited from your family love and passion for vintage jewellery.

It is an eternal collector and tireless imperishable treasure seeker, who gives new and renovated charm, amalgamating parts of different eras and impregnating them with a sophisticated and contemporary air.

The brand owes its name to the nickname of its creator and the maiden name of his grandmother, Elizabeth Rock Frost, whom Lisa learned the first tools to work successfully in this unique and competitive business.

Selzer took his first steps while studying art history at the prestigious University of Darthmouth. During those years, up-and-coming Lisa noted that their free time was divided between the pursuit of brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings collection and the process of division and fusion of the elements composing them to give rise to new Accessories.

These creations made furor among his peers. At the end of their passage by the University, it was very clear to Lisa that her career would revolve around these creative impulses.

Your designs are passports to an exclusive site, without space or time-definite. A place where different is beautiful, where the lines, colors and shapes converge and form a new aesthetic, unknown but familiar landscape.

Vintage Style Jewellery

Creative synergy

In addition to designer of costume earrings, Lisa is a lover of classical and traditional jewelry. He is an expert of each design and knows perfectly the potential hidden in each piece. From there, the merger with other accessory of equal or greater is in a creation unique, even more potent than the mere expression sum of parts that make it up.

An example of this is his campaign more successful and remembered to date: “Collection square”, product of a fortuitous encounter with the auction in which the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York completed the iconic numbers that adorned the doors of their rooms. Selzer acquired parts, bathed them in bronze, and turned them into main motif earrings, cameos, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Even today, it is the collection company logo.

The creative process behind each accessory is very similar among themselves. But the dynamic is not synonymous with automatic.

Some parts remain in the “files” or “treasure boxes” – as he called Selzer – for months, even years, until you find the perfect piece to complement, give a new meaning and rank each item.

If love for the history of jewelry is a pillar in the life of Lisa, the passion for traveling and knowing new cultures is another.

Permanent crossings in which he embarks are a natural source of inspiration for their creations. A walk along the coasts of New Hampshire or an expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, an afternoon at a café in Buenos Aires or one night in Tokyo are the fuel that feeds the tireless creative spirit of Selzer.

Not surprisingly, then, the originality of their designs and the ease with which the artist breaks with the traditional structures that gave life to each original piece and reorganizes them almost humorous and didactic, so with an irreverent and little solemn approach.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and Lulu Frost bracelets to remind us that the new classics do not have to be incompatible with the traditional and sophisticated style should not be synonymous of turgid.