Luxury: Travel Bag From Louis Vuitton

This is the premiere for Manolos new article series “Luxury”, where we will put total focus on expensive clothing, accessories and other gizmos that make the soul happy and your wallet full of holes. The series will serve as inspiration, rather than specific buying tips and, of course, we also offer a more economical alternative to the luxury choice. Launch day to honor, we show two suitcases in different price ranges.
Louis Vuitton, 2550 dollars (Eluxury)
Väskgiganten Louis Vuitton has been making bags in 110 years, as little currency teaches you get for the money even though this is an outrageous price. This model is called, and Pégase 70 for slightly more than an average monthly salary after tax deduction, you can shine a little extra when you should pick your bag from the conveyer belt at the airport. It is not necessary to mention that the bag has totally “silent” wheels. This fits the suit, toilet articles (with the advantage of a matching neccessär) and newspapers in a neat package when you’re out on the road.


Cavalet, 795 kroner (Beach lens travel goods)
Cavalet is a Swedish resväsktillverkare who put quality before the appearance. This model is made of durable nyloncanvas, fitted with ball bearing wheels and burly removable telescopic handle. The bag is also possible to make larger and holds 100 litres, according to aviationopedia. In the affordable rate also includes separate shoe bag and code lock. This rugged budget option may not remain purely aesthetic in comparison with pricey gripen above. On the other hand, you get more money over to the trip and don’t have to worry about airport staff not very gentle handling of your bag.