MAC Base Review: Is it Good? How Much? Prices and Values!

The MAC makeup is not old but in a short lifetime in the market is one of the most beloved. You have reason? Yes! The North American manufacturer of products to makeup did not play in service when it launched innovative colors. The style of the brand is young and even their packaging ask it. However, more traditional popular they are the more cherished product quality. The fame MAC is to have a lasting and excellent pigmentation makeup, and one of the highlights of the line is based.


Advantages of the Basic MAC

One reason for the basis of the MAC do so successfully is to be one of the first products with sun protection factor 15. Today is not new in the market, but two years ago there was no way not to give up a product with the power to help make his divine eye and still protect the skin. Few people know, but the makeup is an excellent aid for skin protection. And if you’ll ever use it, why not look for one with sunscreen? It is a tip.

The product also has a different consistency. If you are a user base of Avon, you will notice the difference at once. It spreads better, has a higher viscosity and this makes the application to become faster and more consistent, slow to leave. The MAC base is known by professionals as one of the most durable items in the market, so it is one of the darlings for parades and long-lasting events. Rihanna, with her own line of lipsticks launched by the brand a few years ago, is one of the product fans at concerts and awards. And girls, let’s agree that durable base is all good, right? No need to carry in your purse the product for touch-ups.

And unlike the big brands of makeup, the North American has a cool variety of skin tones in the market, with spot color 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Your skin tone is indicated which will take but there are always tips on websites and in the store of what is the most appropriate basis for your skin. Even the oldest manufacturers do not invest in basic color variation or have a focused palette only for white skin. And another cool point: the sunscreen does not influence anything in the color of the base. You can buy without fear.

Price and Where to Buy the Base of MAC

Preventing counterfeits available online in large quantities, always leave for secure sites as our site. Besides knowing the full line of brand items you are sure to be buying good products and taking home 100% originais. Our site is a version for Brazil manufacturer, so it sells real and not dollar and delivery for all the country. Another virtual safe store also with some items available, our site is one of the darlings to buy makeup online.

The MAC base price is not the ais account. The official website sells the product from R $ 150 and few days off. You can more prices in the Sephora account that the site itself and it is not clear why. Maybe why do bulk purchasing direct from the manufacturer and get prices cheaper. It’s worth waiting a time when promotion at international sites.