Macadamia Nut Cookie Is The Codename, Not Definitive, Android M

Repeats the same story: shortly after be known the next version of Android, leaks which is his codename inside Google. Normally a set of initials is used to identify development and talk about it. Now, is the chosen MNC that, according to internal sources, would make reference to Macadamia Nut Cookie or, in Spanish, a cracker with macadamia nuts.

Eye, this name has little to do with the version of Android that will reach our phones, tablets and various devices. It is used only for internal purposes and in the previous times has not served even as track to know how it will be called. Anyway, you already know that the coming week we will leave doubts in Google I/o, or not.

Of MNC to… Android M

If we review the history of Android we see that the two latest releases were LMP)Lemon Meringue Pie, then known as Lollipop) and KLP)Key Lime Pie, Finally named KitKat). The only thing we know with MND is that, effectively, the definitive Android version begin with M and will be a dessert, so following the natural order.

The references to MNC have been found in two points (here and here) of the Android Open Source Project and, according to sources at Android Police, the name seemplea beyond those to start is Macadamia Nut Cookie. Don’t worry: soon we will know the final name of the next version of Android or, maybe, that there is a change in plans as last year.

We all took for granted that we would know what was the final name of Android 5.0 in the last edition of I/o. However, surely you remember that everything was in a cryptic L Android that, months later, it was renamed Lollipop. May this time repeat movement and it rests on a simple M are waiting to accompany the launch of the ROM with a new Nexus.

Without a doubt, this version of Android will bring enough substantial news but is a pity to see how still the latest version of the operating system is having a low penetration. This have much blame the manufacturers that are taking to serve them or which directly continue launching mobile with Kit Kat in the 2015.