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Light is an important element for a child. Proper lighting is not only necessary to study better or play outdoors during the darkest days, but also during the night, when shadows are turned into monsters and the light is a valuable ally to defeat them. The lamps for the bedroom
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Designing the lighting for the individual rooms of the house is an important task. Most children face a phase of growth in which the fear of the dark is quite worrying, up to prevent proper night’s rest, for this you need to study well that lamps use and where to place them. The children’s lamps models are really numerous and can vary in style, trying to accommodate both the furnishing of the room that the user of the same personality. The bedroom is in fact defined as a small house for our children, where they can play, study or relax freely, alone or in the company of buddies. Let’s see how to choose the children’s lamps and what factors to consider before making our purchase.

How to choose the lamps for the bedroom

The right light for every activity

The decor of the room is a time of great turmoil, because whatever the style of the rest of the house, this room has to be in tune with our baby, to create a peaceful and fun environment, so as to stimulate his creativity and calm overnight. So even if you love the country style or industrial, put his soul in peace, your child has another idea on how to be the aesthetics of his furniture. Children’s lamps are available in many models and can be divided into the best-known types: Wall, ceiling and table lamps. Another exception is the night lights. The bedroom of the areas are usually divided into sleeping area, play area and relaxation area and tasks. In general it would be a good idea to have a lamp, like a ceiling suspension chandelier, capable of illuminating the whole room properly. A light wall instead helps to create a nice relaxing atmosphere and if equipped with dimmer can also be left on overnight to an intensity as to reassure the child, but without disturbing your sleep. In the area dedicated to the design tasks, the lamp shall be such as not to strain your eyes to the small, so the more apt lamp is definitely a table lamp. Near the bed is shown a lamp with shade that allows you to read a story before going to bed or to look at the figures of the favorite book during the afternoon rain.

Overcome fear of the dark: night lights

Fireflies or lights night for children and babies are small lights that remain lit during the night, to calm children who are afraid of the dark or even needing a little guide to go to the bathroom during the night. These small lights are also an effective method to gradually accustom the baby to full dark night, so as not to create troublesome data shocks from abrupt transition from light on to off. These lights can be attached to a wall socket becoming a courtesy light, they can be placed on the bedside of the child or even suspended from the ceiling. The forms may vary from the most simple to the funny and entertaining in the shape of animal or doll. The night light used are the LED, because they consume less, having to remain lit suit the night and last longer. The night lights are also available in more colors, so you can choose the color that calms more small.

Pirates and princesses or little adventurers

Our online shop offers a variety of lamps by fun and colorful style, able to stimulate the imagination of your children and always make you feel at ease. The ceiling lamps in the shape of a cloud reassure them before falling asleep, while butterflies pink and princesses will stimulate the imagination of your child, carrying it in an enchanted and happy world. For little adventurers and the girls a po’maschiaccio, here are the lamps in the shape of the pirate vessel, racecar or police helicopter driven by funny bears. There are also the lamps a little ‘retro and simple style, which recall the circus or puppet theater. If you brought your child to the zoo and fell in love with the lion or dolphin aquarium, here is a natural theme lamps with animals drawn or reproduced in durable and safe materials. And for the new Maradona? Here are a form of soccer ball lamps or football theme, in different colors to match those of their favorite team.

safe lighting

When it comes to children, if there is one aspect that can not be ignored it is security. Whether they are small, whether they are a bit more grown-ups, their desire to explore the world never decreases and often naively risk of getting hurt with objects that to us may seem totally harmless. Lamps and lighting systems can be a danger if we do not follow some important rules. You first need to make sure that both materials and paints are non-toxic and non-flammable. The best bulbs for the bedroom are the LED. Besides being extremely durable, LEDs also have a high resistance to shocks and falls, and especially do not get hot, to avoid harmful burns. They are also very safe, because unlike the traditional halogen bulbs do not contain any potentially toxic gases or produce UV radiation. In addition, the LED can also be used with varies with integrated light lamps, particularly useful in a children’s lamp and are available in different colors. The materials of the lamp must be resistant, so as to avoid absolutely the glass, the effect of which may be replaced by methacrylate or Plexiglas. Always hang the larger and potentially dangerous pieces lamps, out of the reach of children and ensure that the lamp does not hang wires or suspension that could be easily grasped. The power cables should be short. Otherwise, better to secure them to the wall to prevent our little Indiana Jones can use them for one of his adventures.

Chandeliers and lamps for the bedroom of online

Give your child a dream atmosphere in his room and buy the lamps. You can create the set of themed lamps, furnishings and perfectly matched to the colors of her room. Our lamps are safe and produced according to the latest standards. Lamps for children include suspension lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lights and table lamps or bedside, all available in different price ranges. In addition to home decor products for infants, children and teenagers, our online store also offers a wide range of furniture for interior and exterior, accessories and textiles for the home and garden, lamps and d ‘lighting systems for each home and for outdoor spaces. We work with the best brands, to ensure high quality products and manufactured according to the highest production standards. Buying is simple: a few clicks and you can add the selected products to your wishlist or to the virtual shopping cart and then proceed to the payment. All payment methods are safe and protected by our SSL and you can choose between credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. Our conditions of sale provide for 30-day right of withdrawal with free returns from the date of receipt of items ordered. This means that if you are not satisfied with the products you can return them with no problems, no cost on your part for the return shipping. If you need information or advice, please contact us without hesitation, we will be happy to help you choose the right products to decorate the bedroom of your children.