Makeup Day for Brunettes

In any makeup color is very important, therefore, that it is more appropriate to use the make-up according to skin color.

If it’s makeup, skin will say that this is a unique and wonderful in her spectacularly highlighted nearly all colors; Therefore, if this is your skin color, then you will have the advantages of more light and less visibility of imperfections.
However if you do not want to fall into the hype when it comes to a makeup day for Brunettes, the following tips will be very helpful to get more out of your skin tone.
-Do not use shades during the day are too contrasting with your skin tone, for example silver, light blue, Crimson red, brick, olive green.
-The color of the blush always eggplant or Brown, apply it always from underneath the cheek upwards reaching the hundred. Prevents flushes melon and coral.
-Always apply bases brownish.
-Delineated soft lips, remember that it is a daytime makeup. As for the red lipstick, should be used with certain conditions, so perhaps a pink or orange tone is correct. The nude are often excellent on the lips
-If your skin is very dark and your lips are very thick, the best will be to delineate them with brownish tones.
-In the case of the eyes, use black or brown eyeliner pencil to draw attention to them, since they are recommended for brunette shades.
-Eyebrow is advisable to outline and fill in eyebrows with a pencil makers not too many dark to not harden the gaze.