Makeup for Evening, the Advice to Avoid Mistakes

Evening make, lots of tips and advice to avoid mistakes, and a lot of ideas to copy for your evening make up.

It is said that a trick by day does not go well for the evening, especially if you don’t have time to go over to the case for a fresh look, but a trick in the evening to go to the Office would literally out of place: for the day, in short, it’s better to focus on the nude make up, in the evening, we may allow ourselves to be carried away by a trick a little more intense. Today we want to give you some tips and some advice to appear at the top and turn a trick from day one.

From makeup from day to evening makeup

If you don’t have time to go home and you can just touch up your make up you could try making it look more bewitching passing some layer of mascara in addition, remodeling the eye area and applying a eye shadow brillantinat or, that gives light to the eye, above what you already have, perhaps by focusing on the tone on tone, or playing with the gradation of color that you chose in the morning. False eyelashes can transform a makeup from day one evening literally in a “Jiffy”.

Evening make up from scratch

If you expect a special evening and you have plenty of time to choose clothes, accessories and makeup, then it is another story: in short, if you can take it calmly you can treat the make up in every detail starting right from the base. One or two days before you give yourself a cleansing,even a bit bland, even just a quick scrub to make your skin as clean and bright.

Before you make a moisturizer on your face leaving her past acting and dry a few minutes at this point passed to the Foundation and take charge of eye area using a concealer that can cover the dark circles. If you plan to do until the wee hours, just in case you use an eye primer, or a very creamy, so that the eye shadow should set itself to perfection and that the effect does not wear off in a few hours.

Despite the eye makeup very intense, especially if you have bet for very dark eyeshadows, try to give a touch of color to labbra, a red lipstick would be ideal, and delineated the outline with a pencil of the same color, so that the lips look meaty but very natural. If what awaits is a hot date or event that you want to appear at the top do not experiment with products or makeup techniques that don’t know enough, you risk finding yourself in a nasty mess.

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