Makeup Tutorial: Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers

Often women who wear glasses do not know how to make up the eye area, for fear of deeper tone with an extravagant makeup.

Makeup Tutorial: Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers

In fact the first thing to avoid if you wear eyeglasses, is to load the zone eyes. First of all we must avoid doing a trick that bait out of the goggle frame and secondly you will need to consider the color of your pair of glasses.

The rule of thumb for makeup with glasses is that you must then create a more natural effect. Do not use glitter or metallic eye shadows conspicuous, because they might have a bad effect.

Avoid powder eye shadows that tend to settle on the lens, and used rather those in cream, which also have a longer life. You can also use dark colored eye shadows, always based on the color of your eyes.

We do not recommend definitely use the eyeliner, which tends to give a stern gaze, which is already quite burdened by the glasses. Used quite an eyebrow pencil, it will make your look even more attractive.
Let’s get a bit more in detail. We’ll show you a make up just perfect for those who wear eyeglasses.

First, your face will have to be perfect, then cured very carefully the basis of make-up, and beware of eyebrows, that must be really perfect, because his spectacles attract attention precisely on this point. After doing this you may apply a brightening base on the eyelid, which will match an eyeshadow with a neutral colour. After carefully laying theeyeshadow, choose which pencil use, taking into account the color of your eyes and the eyeglass frame.

If your eyes are clear, and the frame is of bright colors, you can use black, blue or blue, while your eyes and the frame of glasses are dark, then you should prefer a midnight blue.

Passed to mascara, preferably a volumizing, to make it look more enticing.

Finally we move on to the lips. Again everything depends on eyeglass frames. If this is a frame-up in bright colors, it is best to use a neutral makeup for lips, but if the frame of your glasses is simple, you can even dare with bright and vibrant colours.