Marques de Sapucai was Mapped by Street View

The Google Brazil ended its carnival celebrations last Saturday, the 25th, when he put the Trike, your special tricycle equipped with cameras 360, to register much more than just streets and passers- by. The vehicle captured every angle of the parade of champions samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, who passed again by the Marques de Sapucai.

Designed to put places where car traffic is not allowed on Google Street View, the Trike is basically a bicycle equipped with the same technology of the cars that the web giant uses to record the streets around the world to the map service. Outside the Trike has already been used to map universities, parks, trails or sports stadiums.

“All the color, brightness, fantasy and joy of the best associations 2012 carnival will be photographed and can be viewed from anywhere on the planet, thus dividing the feeling of participating in the largest carnival in the world,” said the Brazilian web giant’s subsidiary in a post on its official blog.

There is still no date for the 2012 carnival images are on the network. This is not the first time the Trike took action in Brazil. The same model paraded in RJ the weekend was in the Amazon last year. In last August Google and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation have partnered to bring the forest to Street View, and the tricycle was used to record sights and some communities in the region.