May, Month of Brides!

Bridal Special: everything you need to know about what underwear use in every moment of your wedding

May is almost over, but we know that this month is dedicated to brides and, for this reason, many couples choose to exchange the rings in this period.

But why may is the month of brides?

In the countries of the northern hemisphere, the month of May is marked by flowers. Is the period when the spring reaches your height, coloring the fields and perfuming the environments. It was expected that the beauty and delicacy of flowers were soon linked to a feeling as noble as the love, and, consequently, to the wedding.

The Specialità Lingerie knows that as well as the dress, the veil and the wreath, the lingerie used in this moment so special it makes all the difference. Let’s do afew lingerie tips good practices for you to enjoy!

Tips for the wedding day:

  1. During preparations for the day of the wedding, choose Basic, comfortable pieces. You need to feel light and relaxed so that the moments leading up to the ceremony are not cause for still more anxiety. We have a full line of basic parts-you deserve comfort on your big day!
  2. And then, the big moment has come! It is important that the bride is stunning in detail. White Lingerie, with delicate details, give an air of purity and are the tracks on this occasion! But when we talk about sets, there are no clichés:a bride that wants fugir of standards can opt for a set of Red lingerie, for example, which refers to the feeling of passion and is super sexy!

Lingerie tips for honeymoon

During the honeymoon you can unleash your creativity. If you like romantic style, choose pieces with delicate prints, loops and pendants. Seduction is something important on this big night, so you can choose to use lingerie bolder and that value your body. Elegance is also part of the occasion, and if you like this style, choose lingerie in the noble fabrics and keep in mind: digital stamping parts, like a satin shirt with Jaguar print-or the new collection from Valiserè-Peacock, let you (more) wonderful!

Express your feelings and surprise your love with a piece of Lingerie Specialità! Be sure to tell us your love story in the comments of the post.