Meet Five Alternatives to Google Reader

Yesterday we received the sad news that Google Reader will be discontinued. The service will continue to run until July 1, then you still have some time to find a replacement aggregator news. Our site met five alternatives to Google Reader to help you choose. Check it:

The Old Reader

Regarded by many as one of the best options to replace Google Reader, The Old Reader remembers the old version of the service. The stronger it is the news sharing between users of the same application – there is no way to share content with other social networks, forcing you to copy the news link and do it manually.

The The Old Reader is free and is available in web interface and has extension for Chrome and Safari, as well as having page adapted to smartphones. The service requires a Facebook account or Google, used to log into the service.


It is one of the most interesting options. Free, the application has a very clean and functional interface. You can group into folders and is quiet to share content, once the service has direct integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Buffer addition to sending email.

Besides having a list of integrated reading, Feedly also talk with third-party services: You can submit your articles to Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote and Delicious forgotten. On the computer, you can use it through the web interface. Bookish on mobile devices can rely on applications for iOS and Android.

Because the application is a Google Reader client, you will not need to import your feeds manually. When the giant of service of search is disabled, you do not even notice the change: Feedly developers have warned that current users will be migrated to its own platform automatically.


The Fever has a totally different proposition as a news aggregator. It groups news subject and displays a thermometer: the greater the quantity of articles from the same news, the higher the temperature of the subject. This is very interesting for those who follow various vehicles, since news replicated are all on the same category. If you do not like this type of grouping, you can use it as an aggregator common RSS and arrange the items chronologically.

However, it is not a service, but a system in PHP and MySQL database Costs expensive (30 dollars), requires a server to run, and consumes a lot of bandwidth and memory -. Not work very well on shared hosting. It works directly in the browser and has adapted interface for smartphones, and supports third-party applications, such as excellent Reeder. See the full review of the product written by Paul Higa editor.


Only present in OS X, NetNewsWire is already an RSS client with older interface and is strongly reminiscent of customer emails. You can organize by folders, and one of the features I really liked is to be able to open the site’s web interface Article source within the application itself.

It has a paid version and a free with ads. The NetNewsWire to have application for iOS, but depends on the Google Reader to work. How will it be discontinued, it does not solve the problem very well, unless the developers update the application to work independently.


My tantrum with Flipboard and Google Currents type application is in relation to evil space advantage: the letters are quite large and in a very few news page focus. In Pulseit also happens, but less exaggerated. The content is not displayed in the list, but in blocks with images and can adjust their size to fit more news on the same screen.

The Pulse is free and has extension for Google Chrome, as well as good apps for Android, iOS and Windows 8.

And now, how to migrate?

You can download your list of subscriptions from Google Reader through Takeout, giant platform search that allows you to download your data that is stored on Google’s servers. Simply access it, select that you want to export your Google Reader data and wait for your file to be ready.

It is a compressed file with all your data starred items, shared and other notes, in addition to the registration list. To import the list of entries, look for the import section in your new news aggregator and import the file subscriptions.xml.

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