Meet the Accessories are the Bet for the Summer

The hottest season of the year and color is closer and, as usual, the Windows of stores in malls and shopping centers are already beginning to show what are the main trends of the summer 2016. All conscious and cool fashionista knows well that the best output to be always elegant and with a closet ready for all seasons is to bet on wild, versatile and good quality.

Of course, use and abuse the right accessories to compose a look totally “in” to level at any time. Are exactly the accessories the major players of the Collections.

What are the stakes for the summer 2016? Watch your back, bet and invest in these 5 items that we list below!

1-Semi Jewelry

The maxi accessories are back in full force! The necklaces come with a lot of laps, average length and aged metal according to Cachedjewelry.

Already the earrings are large, colorful, hung, in pair or unique pieces, i.e. in one of the ears of a small ball and the other a modern and daring earring maxi. The colorful bracelets and bangles also appear in different materials like stones, acrylic or just brushed metal.

How to use

Not to make a mistake, use the old phrase of madame Coco Chanel: “less is more”. If the jewelry are large, colorful and call attention to themselves, so balance with clothes in neutral colors or soft. Choose an accessory as Joker, earring, necklace or bracelet, do not use everything together and all maxi to not load the look.


Every woman is crazy for scholarships and summer 2016 they appear delicate, tiny and retrês. They appear: round, square, rectangular and the cute purse bag (which arrived in winter and will continue between us in the summer). When we talk about who will be small, trust me, you will only be able to keep your cell phone, keys and a lipstick.

How to use

Para a formal look, opt for square or rectangular in shades of brown or black. To more relaxed looks, choose the round or bags in shades of candy colors.


The sunglasses are key and fundamental parts during the summer and this year, they will be more charming and feminine than ever! Just like the handbags, retro or vintage models are the highlights.

Thick acrylic round hoops, geometric and charming models kittens, registered trademark of Audrey Hepburn in the film breakfast at Tiffany’s, arrive in full force. The sunglasses not only protect from sunlight, wind and pollution, they can give an “up” on look, leaving a basic combination into something chic and trendy.

How to use

Be careful in choosing models that value the shape of your face, but if you dream of having a round glasses, even having a face too in this format, you can use. Be careful just in choosing a lighter model, with thin rims and delicate.


Summer scarves Yes! These beauties come in minor noble fabrics like silk.

With ethnic prints and colors more open will be the play more in the production of any modern woman. They come to break the monotony of the accessories.

How to use

How come lower, the idea is to use them on the wrist, waist (belt), tied in the handles of the bags or in the hair. The dude is looking for use in tones that contrast with the rest of the look.


Platforms and heels anabelas arrive with all the summer 2016, with a footprint “boho” bring elements such as the fabric, Cork and rope. The Sandals have the guy at the station, with a lot of color and mixed elements, but without leaving the delicacy of hand.

How to use

The jump anabela is universal and looks great with any style of outfit and occasion and the best: are very comfortable for those who need to spend all day using a jump, so use and abuse. The sets comes bringing many trends of past decades, mixing the modern with the vintage, but femininity is North to guide all collections.

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