Meet the New Look of Orkut Communities

Little by little, the team that develops new to Orkut will putting in the air the changes created by them. Last week the social network debuted one new way of presenting the profiles of users who have not abandoned their accounts and fled to Facebook. Now is the turn of the communities.

After the redesign of the communities, which has not happened yet (but is in testing), the look of this Orkut page type is cleaner, with less information cluttering the user’s screen. Instead of three columns (one only for the name and the Community symbol and a menu of options), communities will design based on only two basic columns.

The community bulletin board will be more dynamic, with the right to edit the fonts and colors that will be used in the text. In addition, those responsible for a community can add a map or even a video YouTube on the bulletin board so that all participants in the community view.

No date for when the new design of the communities will be implemented on Orkut, but it is already certain that adept users of the old look of the social network (before passing the latest major change) will not have the news. Obviously.