Mens Sweater Types – Winter Fashion

Winter sweater is the main male garment that both our warm and add style to our clothing. What sweater to choose and how to combine stylish? Read a few important things.

The Types of Sweaters

Whether to put huge and warm sweater or thin? It depends on how cold it is and what it will combine (more on reconciliation, see the next page).

  1. Fat, huge sweater

This type of sweater look good as bright and bold patterns as thick stripes, and in one color.

  1. Lightly polo

This is a garment with great potential that can add a lot of style and sophistication to your wardrobe. The best color for it is black. Such polo highlights the figure and face (more precisely, the lower jaw), without attracting all the attention to himself.

The most important things for polo are to choose the right size – can you measure, not hanging, but they do not describe – and in any case not tucked into his trousers.

  1. Warm turtlenecks

When temperatures drop, light polo is no longer an option. Then it is important to you is warm, so choose warm woolen sweater with turtleneck.