Micro HDMI Cables

The latest innovation in mobile technology comes in the form of micro-HDMI cables for mobile phones. These cables provide a much more compact and smarter version of the most important features in portable devices. You can enjoy high-definition media with video signals that can go all the way up to 1080 p in solution.

Micro HDMI cable

These cables are very different from the previous HDMI versions that were designed for older mobile phones. Micro HDMI cables are much narrower and belongs among the leaders – contact type D, there exists only among the latest models. Mobile phones that support this technology, including EVO 4 g HTC, LG Optimus 2 x and Motorola Droid x. If you own one of these phones, or are considering buying one in the near future – you will be able to take advantage of this new input system.

There are differences between the new and the old cables that used the Type C system. The new micro-HDMI connection can fill up to 50% less than its predecessor mini-HDMI models. Users can now make full use of their mobile phones with HD content, without any problems. These cables meet all the durability requirements and specifications. Micro HDMI cables offers alprazolam several PCB options and the ability to pair according to the user’s needs.

Some people have reported problems with this new system, starting with this technology does not provide full 1080 p HD output on HTC devices. It often happens that cable is wrong, and not the device. EVO is designed to provide maximum HD resolution video output, which is 720 p. But even if you are using the latest micro-HDMI technology, you will never be able to play 1080 p, just due to device restrictions and limitations.

HDMI cable

There will be discussed a great deal about micro-HDMI cables and it sometimes creates confusion. But no matter what, so it is a step forward in the development of smartphones and other devices.

You can actually get the best out of HD material from all over the world in your Pocket without owning an expensive HDTV setup. HDMI Micro system offers much more functionality and requires much less space, so you can use an upgraded design that can be carried around with you wherever you go.

One more time: Micro HDMI output and HDMI cable that lets your phone’s content will be shown on a TV or a projector with full HD resolution/1080 p.