Microsoft Releases Preview of Office for Android Smartphones

Using a smartphone with Android? So here is a good news for you: on Tuesday (19), the Microsoft has released preview versions of new applications Office for the platform.


In fact, the Office for Android was released earlier this year, but only for tablets. Now you can test the Word, Excel and PowerPoint also on your smartphone.

Note that each app is installed separately. But all have the same minimum requirements: devices with Android 4.4 or higher and at least 1 GB of RAM.

Applications have been developed to efficiently take advantage of the small size of smartphone screens and ease of use with touch. You can view documents, edit them, and synchronize them with the clouds, for example, with the full resources being available for Office 365 subscribers.

But as the Office for Android smartphones is not yet in its final version, it is necessary to participate in this community on Google+ and follow the guidelines available there for the apps Word, Excel and PowerPoint to appear in your account on Google Play.

Give a little work, it is true, but Microsoft’s intention is to get feedback and correct faults and only then release Office for smartphones as a finished product.

Note that the Outlook for Android is available since last month in more stable version for both tablets and for smartphones. This separation exists because the app was not developed “from scratch”: Microsoft bought the client email accompli in November 2014 to relaunch it weeks later as Outlook for iOS and, a little later, Outlook for Android.